Myths and Misconceptions that surround Sustainability and Natural products!

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Sustainability is not a new concept to most of us. We have seen this word in our textbooks and have heard debates about it on TV.

Sustainability has come a long way from just being a way of saving the planet and conserving resources. It has been incorporated into different sectors that previously were contributors to trashing and harming the environment. A number of beauty and lifestyle companies have come up during the past few decades, and these numbers continue to grow. These companies have seen and are catering to the need of the hour, that is, conserving and preserving the planet. These companies have made sure to use natural and eco-friendly ingredients to create their products and some have gone a step further and made sure to keep the packaging reusable or plastic-free.

Every new idea or concept always faces some amount of scepticism, sustainability also faces similar tendencies, mainly from the consumers. It is important to address these, as the goal of such companies are to make a positive impact and difference, so one must know the myths and break away from them to become an informed consumer.

Here are some of the myths consumers have about sustainability –

No one knows the real meaning of sustainability; it is not just about the climate.

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Many times, people assume that sustainability has to do with the climate and the changes and impact it has on us. Not everyone knows the meaning of sustainability; it focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. This is what the cosmetic and lifestyle brands are aiming to do, they are using products and natural ingredients in such a way that they don't harm the environment, and are able to keep the environment clean. Thus, they are keeping the surroundings healthy for the next generations to use.

Sustainability is too expensive


A lot of consumers believe that brands that promote sustainability and produce their products sustainably are far more expensive than mass-produced products. There are many brands such as Brown Living India and Bare Necessities that are affordable brands. Consumers should keep in mind that the price difference is also due to the kind of ingredients used and the pure quality each product entails.

It is just a phase

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A lot of consumers see sustainability as a fad or something that is just a phase. They believe that choosing an alternative path is just a phase and that once the environment has been restored, the use for products that are environmentally friendly will no longer be necessary. This is not true, in fact, sustainability is the way to making sure the balance is maintained between what we give and what we take. Beauty products that are sustainable make sure that their whole process from formulation, to creation, packaging and usage are all environmentally friendly, and continuing on this path will ensure a constant healthy environment that will, in the long run, benefit us.

Sustainable products strive to be as natural as possible as they aim to preserve both nature and the skin. Natural products too have come under scrutiny as people don’t fully understand the process behind which such products are made. Many feel reluctant to purchase them and have doubts with respect to the mass-produced products. Some of the misconceptions faced by natural products are-

It can be DIY’d

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When one reads the term natural products, the first thing that comes to mind is that these products are made from ingredients that can be found in and around one’s surroundings. A

lot of people assume that since that is how natural products are made, the same things can

be created at home. This is not the case; all the natural products have to go through very specific and intricate processes and have to be in specific formulas so that the end product

is effective yet safe and clean.

It won’t last long

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A lot of consumers believe that since natural products don’t use any harmful chemicals, they won’t last long. No preservatives mean that the product will have to be consumed fast or that they are unreliable and will have to be finished quickly. This is not true since there are many natural ingredients that act as preservatives and using them in the product allows for these natural products to last long and fulfil their purpose.


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A large number of consumers believe that natural products are not that effective as the results cannot be seen instantly or that the results aren’t consistent. Natural products are meant to show their effects from a root level, not harming the skin, so they take time in showing the desired results. Many consumers prefer instant gratification that is satisfied by

the mass-produced chemical products, and hence people question the guarantee natural products aim to give. The aim of listing down all these points is to show that there is a lot about sustainability and natural products that people don’t know about or are unaware of. Quick assumptions form biases and misconceptions that can often lead to harmful choices that will show results only in the long run. Whereas on the other hand, while sustainable or natural products may take time to show effects or some might call them pricey, in the long run, they give out only benefits that are a win-win for the environment and the consumer.

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