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The Sikh religion is the religion in which the word Sikhism itself means learning, this religion was established by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the one who is considered the first Guru (The First teacher) of the Sikh Religion.

Guru Nanak the one who is one of the biggest religious scholars was the Guru (Teacher) Not only to Sikhs but also to the Hindus and Muslims, he showed the world path of truth, Guru Nanak had enormous knowledge about everything but he believed that still, he is learning from life so he named the religion Sikhism which means learning. The First Guru of the Sikh religion, the one who told us all the path of truth. Oh, Nanak your voice is so pure, so pure and your words have very deep meaning. The principle of Sikhism is based on one fundamental principle which is, There is no other god which exists in this world but only one supreme god and all the other gods are the images of the same god. He is the one who is fearless, has no hate, the one who is omnipresent, the one who cannot be destroyed nor can be created. one who is free from all the joys and all the pain, the one who is supreme of all, the one who has no anger and no jealousy, the one who is unborn and self-illuminating. though you are the creator and though you are the destroyer. By the grace of the Nanak oh my guru he can be found, one name to all Nanak Commands, meditate on his name, the one who has been true and pursuing himself on the same principles till the beginning of time. And it is the thoughts of truth, the thoughts of dharma which is the base for the creation of this whole world.

He is true in his primal beginning and remains true till ages, True he is here and now and will be true till ages and ages. He cannot be manipulated into thoughts even if one thinks million times. He cannot be put into words no matter how many books you write on him, one name this Nanak says and in one name he explains the whole truth. The one who was there in this world when nothing existed, the one who is in me and the one who is in you, the same one is there in the heart of Nanak. The one who was the same till the beginning of time, one true soul from which all the souls arise and to which all the souls leave. The one which is unchanged the truth which has been true since the beginning of time and will be true till the end of it, through which all the thoughts arise and to which all the thoughts end, One name we all worship, Oh Nanak says from his own words, foolish are those who fight in the name of religion and foolish are those who support them. Oh, Nanak asks, why we all fight and for whom we fight when to whom we worship is the same, There are so many holy books written describing him. I read the Holy Quran and I read the Bhagvat Geeta Nanak says to his followers in all the books it's written the same there is no god but only the one and that one has many forms of its existence in this world. The same I tell my preachers and my followers, to follow the path of truth. Hey, a man open your eyes, open the eyes of your mind, the eyes which have been blindfolded by the hate, no matter how many holy books you read, no matter how many holy places you visit, but to see him, one has to remove the blindfold of hate and discrimination.


How can you see him if your mind is not clear, one is soaked in the name of god all the time, but still, he cannot find his peace of mind if his mind is not clear. In the same way, a hungry person's hunger doesn’t go away even if he has attained the world. A man may pose millions of wits but none work in front of God. Oh, Nanak so tells me how one can attain internal peace, how one can attain internal happiness, how one can free himself from all the materialistic traps of this world. Nanak says one name you all say, one path you all follow, the path of truth. and all your worries will go away. All your pain he will take away, Oh Nanak enlighten me with your knowledge. There is no name purer than his name, no deed much superior to his worship and no path much virtuous than his path. One task can do thousands of tricks and foul play but nothing will go back with you. What you do is how people remember you. So many ask me the same question and to many, I have answered in the same way One truth I always Speak, Oh Nanak your voice is so pure. How can you become truthful oh Nanak, tell me, how the veil of illusion can be torn away? Obey his command and be truthful to yourself, be truthful to others and you will be free from all the miseries and pain of this universe, Oh Nanak says to all, the way fire burns the wood the same way anger of a person burns him, do not be angry to anyone. look in your own flaws, A corrupt person goes to Nanak and asks Nanak so many sins I have done and so much corrupt I am how my sins will be washed away, how these hands which are soaked in the blood can pray to him, or how this voice can say his name which has always disregarded other?

Oh, The Nanak says, the day one chooses the path of truth is the same day you have begun the first footsteps towards washing your sins. Choose the path of truth says oh Nanak and return back all the things which you have taken from others by unfair means and your sins will be forgiven, for the land, you have captured from other return back his land, the wealth which you acquired from others by deception return back their wealth to them If you have hearted someone’s feeling and disrespected them than ask for their forgiveness. If you have broken someone's trust then fulfil your broken promises. bring back smile to the faces to whom you have given tears, Says Oh Nanak But Oh man-beware as there are some sins of your life which cannot be washed away, Never Kill an innocent person, Oh man for you cannot give Life away and nor the god himself, the one who is the creator of this whole world. Never kill an innocent person for you cannot return father his son, sister her brother, Son his father and wife her husband. oh, men beware as there are some sins, some stains which cannot be washed away as there are some deeds which cannot be undone. You can never give back modesty of the lady, nor you can give her back, her honour so beware. Oh man and never try to molest or rape any girl as there is no forgiveness for this crime and the crime of a similar type.


The creator of this world is merciful of all, he forgives your crime and the crime of all, once a person comes to his court he is never returned empty-handed, So these are the words of Guru Nanak as he says from his own holy voice, Oh you all summon yourself to that great Lord and all your troubles and your sins will be washed away. So follow the path of the true god, that one soul from which all the soul arises, Hey Lord What Praise Oh Nanak when you are the one who has made everything, Everything you made is perfect everything you made is wonderful, Oh Lord of all the lord's everything you have created is wonderful and mesmerizing, the artist of all the artist created this world so beautiful with what should I compare you my lord as everything which has been created is created by you and is the part of you, The world so beautiful so mesmerizing in such a way that art is everywhere you made the birds that sing your name and the flowers smile under your rule, you made the mighty beautiful mountains and the deepest sea’s. Oh Lord, you are the one who made the storm and the one who can calm it, you are the one who made bright days and beautiful nights. you are the one who made the moon and twinkling of the stars, Oh Lord these are just a few of your creations, I am depicting, But there are millions of galaxies which you have made and you are the one who controls them all, Oh Lord nothing can move in this world without your permission, One Name the Nanak Simar (Pray) and Simar (Pray) all.

The Nanak says to the lord, in your rule I promise and so does promises all my followers that none shall be hungry, and none shall sleep cold, Nanak prays to the lord. Listen to you all as the Lord has given us all more than our needs. Oh, to all says Nanak help other’s in their need, serve other without and discrimination there is no rich and poor in the house of god and so does in the eyes of the Nanak, As we all are brothers treat all person the same with equal respect and treat them as the same, every work has its equal importance and so does every person should get equal respect for their work. Says Oh Nanak your moral values are much more important as compared to your wealth, the one who is rich with politeness has gained the true assets of life. The Nanak says god’s eyes are everywhere they are always looking at you, the sinister do the evil deeds thinking in his mind that no one is looking at him, How foolish he is, the one who has made this world always has his eyes on you and so on the others too, No matter how much power the person becomes and no matter how many times he manages to escape but one day he has to suffer, he has to face the punishments for all of his wrongdoings to the other. Remember the one who has created this world knows everything. Oh Lord of the Lord nothing can be hidden from you, the most generous of all, the God of the Nanak and the same is the god of the others. Oh lord says the Nanak you even understand everything which my words never say, and without asking you give me everything and so to all the others meet. Oh, the Krator, the one who has created this whole universe your powers are unmatchable, Guru of all the Gurus, the one Guru of all.

To whom we all call you as Waheguru, keep your grace on us and protect us from all the evil of the World. Says Oh Nanak, the way many rivers which are floating meet the same sea the same way everything which began from you ends towards you, there are many dwindling thoughts which come in the mind of a person which makes the one worried, he is doomed and miserable Nanak says stop distressing about anything. Leave all your problems to God for the one who has shown you the path will show you the destiny, do your Karma which is to walk on that path, never lose faith in the self, always believe in the self, Nanak says to, embrace the failure with open hands never loses faith in yourself. In failure, one should recite his name always pray, and never gain feelings of arrogance and pride when you have success always recite his name. Recite his name in your sorrows and recite his name in all your happiness, recite his name before the meal as he is the giver and any gift given by him should not go unnoticed. These lips never get tired praising him and these hands never get tired praying to him. So many worlds exist simultaneously in this universe and they move simultaneously, so many different forms you have in a different world but in all the world the same god is worshipped, the one who is the Guru of all the Guru, one supreme lord Waheguru.

Oh, Nanak the chosen one, sent by god to listen to all our prayers and to take away all our pain, tell us how we can find god, the ultimate truth, Nanak says in his own voice and as he says, The one who has found the truth is the one who has found the god itself, self-enlightenment is the only way with which one can find god. Open the eyes of your mind and then you will be able to see everything clear, Truth, it is one letter word Nanak says, the one who is able to understand that one letter word will be enlightened in the instance, but the one who is not able to understand this truth no matter how many holy books he read or how many religious places he visits or shiny gown he wears in the name of god he will never be able to find god, The thoughts of god are the thoughts of purity and the thoughts of truth, one can only inscribe those thoughts within if he is able to abolish all the thoughts of hatred, pride, jealousy, wickedness from within. People say that God can be found in the religious places of this world, some say they are found in the jungle, and some say to find God one has to go to the high-up mountains in solidarity. But the truth is, God is within you and Self- enlightenment is the biggest achievement of the self. The one who is able to find God is blissed forever, he is free from all the worries of life, his mind is clear and there are no negative thoughts in his mind. The body which is able to free itself from all the thoughts of negativity, from all the thoughts of fear, distress and there is nothing but only the thoughts of truth he is the one who has enlightened himself. One can be enlightened anywhere, the way Arjuna got enlightened by Lord Krishna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, the way Mohammad got enlightened in the cave, the way Buddha got enlightened under the Bodhi tree, the same way one can be enlightened anywhere, he can find God anywhere in the world. He is God of the Sai and God of the Jesus.


If religion could have made people wise then there would have been no war in the name of religion, People have divided themselves in the name of religion, the religion which they never choose, they have divided themselves into different nations and different ethnic groups there are many in this world who claim to be religious have read many religious books, some have read Bhagvat Geeta and some have read the holy Quran but none of them is enlightened, Oh Says the Nanak with soap one can wash away the dirt of his body but not the dirt of his mind. If a person has blindfolded his mind with feelings of hatred or the feelings of discrimination, how he can find you, how he can inherit the feelings of truth within the self? which religion is good and which is not who am I to decide when you are the one who made us all, everything belongs to you, Everything belongs to you my lord and is your creation. You are the creator of all the religions and all the religions belong to you, so the foolish compares my lord that which religion is better and which religion is not but the wise preaches and prays your name. With the eyes of his mind, he sees you, he sees you in every religion, and he never loses faith in you. In the darkest of his darkest time, he has faith in you and you show him the path of Light. Oh, come you all, says the Nanak, listen to the voice of your guru as it is the path of enlightenment, the path of peace and the path of internal bliss. The one who has achieved the perpetuity bliss, the self-enlightened soul which can see the difference between right and wrong, Many and many messengers came to this world in different times and showed us the path of god, to show us all the path of truth, the path of righteousness and all say the same thing.

In different books, it is written, and in different sculptures, it is engraved that there is no other god but only the one god, the one who is the creator of this whole world, and all the different religions are the path to that same god. Nanak says so many wars have been fought in the name of religion and so many innocent people have been killed in the name of religion unstoppable tears always flow from the eyes of the Nanak when he sees so many innocent being killed, The time was there when the purpose of Dharma was to eradicate all the evil but now the evil has infiltrated the Dharma itself, there is corruptness within the system, How can we wash away this corruption asks the Nanak, clear away all the boundaries oh my brothers from all different ethnic groups and from different religion, clear all the boundaries of hate between each other and embrace each other with love. For there is no god but only the one. Says the Nanak, Ego, Anger, greed, hate and lust are the five enemies of a person, destroy these feelings from your heart. Sharing with others is what gives you God's grace and ultimate bliss. Earning, making living with full honesty, without any fraud or exploiting others, hey you all recite his name for you will never suffer.


The religion which I speak, is the religion of truth, the religion of learning, the Sikh religion, and in this religion of Sikhism we all pursue ourselves on the path of learning. Nanak believes that the process of learning never stops, no matter how far the person goes or how much he learns, but there is always something new to learn every time, this universe is vast with infinite boundaries in which there exist millions and billions of sky and billions of land, so one should be the preacher and follower as the Nanak tells his followers, he tells his followers to believe, god is everywhere, he exists in every religion so one should take an active part in all the religious activities and should allow them to take an active part in your religion to, The Gurudwara which is the guru ka Darbar, the house of the god, is the place of worship for the god where all the sect of people no matter from which religion they belong or from which cast they are, rich or poor they all are welcome the same. this is what I say to all my followers never discriminate, in god’s house we all are the same. Oh, the great giver always gives and the people recite his name and always worship him. All the bloodshed of innocents in the name of God, for what good it is, to whom it will benefit. To kill an innocent in the name of religion is deceiving your very own religion. Says oh Nanak every person prays to the god in his own way and has their own ritual and right to pursue their religion in which way they want to pursue it. And it is immoral to force anyone to change their religion, their faith. Says Oh Nanak what good it will bring to the world if the one is forced to believe in the faith, as the faith comes from within.

Asks the Nanak to choose the faith you want to choose and still you are free to come for the Guru's grace, you are free to come to the holy place of the guru without any discrimination and none should force you to change your religion, no me and not any of my followers, The followers of Nanak, the followers of Sikhism, Nanak says to all, to recite the name of the supreme god and never leave his faith. In the name of the god, do good deeds, help other’s in their bad times and your deeds will never be forgiven, never forget to serve food to the poor and god will never keep you hungry, never forget to give shelter to the homeless as god will never keep you homeless, never forget to help others in their bad times as the one who is the supreme god, the Guru of all the Guru will make sure bad times never come to you, with their blessings you will prosper as the blessings of the fakir(needy person) have enormous power, Says oh Nanak the one who do hard work not only help the self but also help the other’s to uplift themselves from poverty, from all the sufferings. With God's grace, he achieves success, Says Oh Nanak to all, to never leave the path of truth, your honesty and your integrity. The way damsel looks more beautiful and charming with her jewellery which she wears, the same way the quality of honesty enhances the beauty of the hardworking person, In your hard times and in all your miseries says oh Nanak never lose hope, never lose belief in the self, work hard by reciting his name and all your problems will be washed away.


With great powers comes great responsibilities, for the one who is successful, it is his duty and responsibility to uplift others, to help others to come out through their bad time. Serve others in the name of God. To help others and spend time with them, to know their pain, come to God’s house and serve the poor as in the house of God all are served the same. The House of Guru or the house of the god called Gurudwara should be made by the grace of God, by the donations of all as the deeds of your will never be forgiven, Says the Nanak it is the most profitable business as with little money you get a thousand blessings, Nanak says to all, to donate the money in all the religious rituals, in all the religious celebration for your deeds shall never be unnoticed, but from this day to the last day of eternity none, from all the one should be forced to donate, nor they should be discriminated or hated for doing so, The Lord always remember all your deeds and the one who does their service without any discrimination and with all their dedication and pure heart. their deeds are always remembered and the lord's Grace will always be on them, the god will serve them. but no special favours should be given to them for the greed of many donations and should not be given more privileges than the others as in the house of Lord we all are same. We all are the same either king or slave and all should be treated equally, with love and respect.

All should be given the same food and the same facilities; all should have the same place to pray. The one who does not have much money to donate and their financial condition is not good don’t worry, for the blessings of God with you are all the same, recite his name for you shall never suffer as the god love all his followers the same, and make sure that all the donations are put to good use to help other’s and to serve others and it shall not be misused. Recite his name as he is the one who will take you out from all of your problems, from all of your miseries. On his command pursue yourself in the path of learning and leave all the rest to him for all your deeds will never be forgiven and your knowledge it never gets wasted, To much wealth one has but what good it is, no one respects gets him, the person is not known for his wealth but is known for his knowledge, the way an artist is known for his art, the way the warrior is known for his courage and fighting skills, the way the smith is known for his skills of making equipment’s, the way King is known for his skills of ruling the kingdom, the Cook is known for his food the same way the knowledgeable person is known for his knowledge. Foolish are those who run all their life after money, for money is materialistic.


The way the day and night are the circles of life and one never stays forever, the same way the money of the person also does not stays with him forever. It is materialistic but his knowledge is eternal with money one cannot buy knowledge it can only be bought by the hard work of the self and grace of the Guru (Teacher), one should always obey his teacher and should respect him. Says oh Nanak the process of learning never stops, so many years we have spent, so much in all the fields we have learned. We have learned in the field of science; we have learned in the field of arts and in the field of history but still, we are not able to explore even the slightest of the slightest part of this universe so vast is this universe that it is impossible to know it fully. When you leave away this world the process of learning still continues, the ones who are there to carry forward your legacy and your process of learning in this process of learning your parents are your first teacher and one should always respect them and should follow their footsteps.

Such a beautiful site it is to see the process of learning, where the warrior teaches his son the art of war and prepares him to follow his footsteps, the farmer teaches his son the techniques of farming and prepares him to follow his footsteps, and the same way the blade smith teaches the art of making equipment’s and the cobbler teaches how to mend the shoes, the King teaches his son how to rule and how to help his citizen, such a beautiful bond it is to see. And with this way the path of learning never stops says Oh Nanak pursue yourself in the path of learning as there is so much to explore, so much to know about new things and new ways. Says the Nanak in this world your knowledge is your biggest Asset, the kind of asset that the more you spend it, the more it grows, the path of learning never stops even when you die the upcoming generation will continue the path of your legacy and one should always pursue himself in the path of learning that are the core values of Sikhism the basic essence.

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