Nigeria: The Harassment by Public Offers!

Nigeria | Public | Officer | 11th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

On the second Saturday of August 2021, as people of Jos Metropolis, Plateau State, Nigeria were about their normal business, a police officer suddenly began to harass civilians.

His excuse was that there was supposed to be environmental sanitation taking place in the State. That is a general cleaning exercise of the street. It had officially been stipulated to hold every last Saturday of every month. But here he was with a gun telling people otherwise without any prior notification.

People were prevented from going to their businesses, and the road was blocked. To make matters worse, he fired his gun unexpectedly. This was a terrible mistake in a place where any sound could be seen as the beginning of a fatal internal crisis.

People became angry and a fight almost broke out. Daily, citizens of Nigeria are constantly harassed by police and other public officers, because they feel they have the power to.

These public officers sometimes go as far as stripping people of their human rights in any way they please, just because of the corruption of the justice system in the country.

Hopefully, a time is coming when they'll have no hold on people as they do now. Their horrible acts won't go on forever.

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