Nine Reasons why reading books can change you!

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If reading a bundle of seven hundred pages sounds like a daunting task to you, then let me convince you otherwise!

Books can transport you to a dreamland. Books can be your cost-effective therapist. Reading is something that can help you realise your potential, it can help you transform, it can shape your thoughts, it can broaden your perspective in life. Sounds too much? Well, there’s more coming for you, just keep reading.

Reading is therapeutic

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When you return back home after a long shift from work and your mind is still stressed about the pending files, overflowing workload or that presentation you have to submit by the end of the week. Sleeping with such thoughts will only build up more stress so pick an inspirational or a fantasy book and try reading a few pages. Once you get lost in the world of words, your mind will automatically focus on the story and you will feel the tension easing out from your body. This will calm that chaos in your head and you can finally have a good night’s sleep!

Reading takes you places

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Did you know that there is a less expensive way to explore the world? Yes, that's true. Reading a book is an adventure that will surely not burn a hole in your pockets and still promise you the best times of your life. You can time travel by picking a historical fiction book. You could explore the dimensions of space by reading a science fiction novel. Just like the world map, even the book world has endless destinations for you to chance upon!

Increases your attention span

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In the fast-paced environment where the digital revolution and technology is enveloping our minds, we are always on the lookout for the next big thing and because of this, our focus keeps on shifting. From texting to scrolling, from scrolling to binge-watching, we keep on hopping from screens to screens, apps to apps. Often at times, you find yourself trying really hard to concentrate and all it takes to get distracted is a single ding from your cell phone or laptop. So if you want to boost your concentration level, you should try reading. This will act as a mental exercise that will help your brain cells focus on one thing at a time, for a long stretch.

Discovering more about people


When you’ll start reading, you will realise there is a plethora of behaviours, cultures that you didn’t even think existed. You will learn about people, how they react, what’s their thinking process, why they are the way they are or why they choose to be who they are. While reading, you will go through a narration, analysing the situation and understanding a person’s point of view. You will start feeling what they are feeling. This will improve your thinking and make you empathetic.

Stimulates your creative cells

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Have you ever watched a movie that had an amazing storyline but you didn’t like the cast? Well with books, you will never face this situation while picking a book. The best part about reading a book is the freedom to choose who’s your main character. The author merely describes a character but it's totally up to your imaginative brain to envision who’s the hero of the story. This translation of the text into imagination pulls back your creativity from hibernation. As you read more and more plots and characters, your creative thinking will grow stronger and better.

Reading prepares you for life

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Often while going through a book, you will come across situations you’re yet to encounter in life. Here you can take the story as a real-life example and learn how to keep calm or notice what is likely to trigger your temper in such a situation and how you can control yourself. Books teach you patience, give you motivation, help you grow better and face life as it may come.

Improves your vocabulary

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Each time you turn a page, you can find a word you’ve never learnt or a phrase you’ve never heard. You will come across cool slang which you can use while making regular conversations. While reading through conversations, you can pick up a lot about how to speak effectively and this will increase your daily conversational skills alongside adding on more words to your dictionary!

You learn from other’s experiences

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As mentioned before, when you come across plots in a story that you’ve never faced before in life, you can learn from the character’s experience. The narrator bears their life’s story on a bundle of sheets for you to learn from. You can learn from their outbursts, their mistakes, their kindness and a lot more. Each character in a book has something to teach, some takeaways that will help your lifelong and transform you into a better version of yourself.

Books can be your best friend

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On a long flight to another country, a book can be your companion. If you are going through a difficult phase in life, an author’s piece of work can give you the right piece of advice. A fictional character can show you the way to bravery. An autobiography can give you words of wisdom. In a nutshell, books can be the ones you need the most and trust me, they will always have your back!

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