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Normalize | 21st October 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Normalize being normal. Don’t let unrealistic filters halfwit you. Being how you are has become outsize insecurity.

Perfect body, perfect life, and perfect career have been the vision and mission of this delusive aggressive social media bait. Maybe it's time we realize there is always the behind a camera life. And that isn’t picture perfect not even close. Every happy picture you see there has also come across grief, failures and imperfection just like any of us. Social media is a place where we could decide who we want to be, which version of us we would like to showcase. We can be the know it, the beauty with brains, the life is perfect, or having 999 accounts and creating a new account because you forgot the passwords of your 999 accounts.

Social media made me realize “you are not alone” far more times in the name of relatable posts, where it makes us feel “wow I am not weird”. I was astonished to know about many beguiling personalities who make each and every one of us feel normal. Many people put themselves out there to prove just one thing “IT’S REMARKABLE TO BE NORMAL”. You can still be fit without posting a daily dose of gym pictures. You are in a happy relationship even without posting couple goals videos, you have amazing friends, a fascinating body, and a cherishable one life. And also taking a picture with or without filter, wearing makeup or not, dressing up or not is their choice to make.

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You don’t have a say in it. “You are not real “is one of the most frequent comments thrown at people. Maybe that’s their choice to make too. And we too have the choice of unfollowing, block and deleting. we got to appreciate the choices we have. If we ask how head-on heels are, are we with social media? We have moved from using social media as a stress blaster to taking social media detox. Life has been made difficult because of our fellow humans who show unrealistic standards of living. As I said I quote “it’s their choice “. Accepting imperfections are challenging but it’s so worth it. Get inspired but never hover.

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