Nostalgia hits Apple users hard - The iOS 4 is back!

Apple | iOS 4 | 1st July 2021 | Virtual Wire

It is 2021. Apple has announced iOS 15 updates for iPhone. But an 18-year-old programmer and web developer, Zane Kleinberg, has filled iOS users with nostalgia. He has recreated the nearly 10-year-old iOS 4 as an app.

Even if a user has never used this obsolete iOS version, you may do so now.

This iPhone app called oldOS is almost "as close to the pixel as possible." It has been built using Apple's SwiftUi framework, which is used by a vast majority of iPhone apps.

Those who are acquainted with this early version of iOS will feel at home with the app’s amazing execution. Almost too good to be true, the user interface reacts even faster and more swiftly than it did on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, thanks to the hardware of newer iPhones.

At first appearance, all of the essential apps are present, including the App Store, which has been redesigned in the classic style. 'Photos' lets users browse their current camera roll in the same way they did ten years ago, while 'Notes' has a familiar yellow post-it note-style layout. The current app store will open if you try installing an app.

Some apps, such as YouTube, which Apple used to incorporate with its operating system, have been left out so far. The camera app does function well, but some controls, like the flash switch, are just placeholders. It's also a lot of fun to surf in the old Safari browser.

However, the fact the app is not an exact scan of iOS 4, is understandable because the app is still in the beta phase. To install the app, you will need to download it via one of the links provided by him on his Twitter thread.

The Testflight beta service is the simplest way to install it. Install Testflight on your iPhone from the App Store, then use the same device to retrieve the link to the old beta.

All Testflight beta programs have reached their maximum number of participants at this moment, however, Kleinberg updates his Twitter feed with new download links daily. Because the software is open-source, anyone can experiment with it.

In December 2019, a similar app, Rewound, was released that transformed an iPhone into a classic iPod. It was, however, deleted by Apple for breaking the standards of its app store.

Apple claimed that the app "imitated the iPod's layout," charged for Apple Music services, and might be "mistaken for an Apple product". The 'OldOS,' which also comes under those conditions, could face a similar fate.

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