Ocean Minerals!

Ocean | Minerals | 20th September 2021 | Virtual Wire

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Friends, we all are very well acquainted with the word ocean. We all know that 71% of the earth is covered by Ocean. And this vast Ocean is full of natural resources. The list of natural resources found in the ocean is very long.

The natural resources obtained from the sea have played a very important role in the development of human life. But according to scientists, we know very little about the ocean so far and it will take us much more time to understand it completely. We get many natural resources from the sea which are very important for our daily life like fish, salt, natural gas, oil, etc. But to better understand the natural resources obtained from the sea, we mainly divide it into two parts: biotic and abiotic.

1). Biotic :

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Everything that is in living condition and which humans use to fulfil their necessity is called biotic resources such as corals, reptiles, fishes and mammals, etc.

2). Abiotic :

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Resources that are not in living states are called abiotic resources. They are divided into two parts -

1). Minerals

2). Energy

In today's column, I will try to draw your attention mainly to the minerals obtained from the sea. Minerals: Minerals are formed over millions of years as a result of various physical,

chemical, and biological reactions in the ocean. Huge deposits of these minerals are submerged in the sea. Due to the ever-increasing population and its consumption, the reserves of Underground minerals are getting depleted. Due to human attention towards Marine minerals. And for this reason, it becomes important for us to know about marine minerals.