October Is ADHD Awareness Month: The Lesser Known Awareness Campaign Takes Center-Stage!

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October 1st marked the beginning of ADHD Awareness Month. ADHD Awareness Month is an opportunity for families to learn more about ADHD. It is also a time for schools to assess how they can better support their students with ADHD.

ADHD Awareness Month is a time to encourage your community to join in on ADHA awareness and help raise awareness among peers, teachers, and everyone else who needs to understand what this disorder is all about. If you do not have a family member with ADHD, you may not even know what it is, so as a mom of a teenager diagnosed with ADHD, I would like to share what I have learned over these past years!

What is the Difference Between ADD and ADHD?

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Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are both the names for a condition where a child or adult has difficulty paying attention to things. ADD is primarily an inattentive type of ADHD that involves a person being distracted by irrelevant stimuli. You might notice this as a person who always seems to be daydreaming or not paying attention. ADHD is a more hyperactive disorder where people might be overly active and have trouble sitting still for long periods.

What Is The Purpose Of ADHD Awareness Month?

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October is designated as ADHD Awareness Month. During this month, organizations that support education and research about ADHD campaign to engage and educate communities about ADHD.

ADHD Awareness Campaign

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In 2021, the collective organization CHADD, ADHD Coaches Org. (ACO), and Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) came up with the theme: “Reframing ADHD: Discovering New Perspectives.” All month long, top domestic and international ADHD professionals will answer questions from the public as received from their websites, Facebook, and Twitter. Since ADHD is a serious global public health concern, professionals want to take the opportunity to promote education, awareness, and understanding.

These conversations will highlight diagnosis and treatments while providing reliable information. Overall, the goal of ADHD Awareness Month is to promote inclusion and allow those impacted to have access to factual information that will enable them to make informed choices. If you want to learn more and watch these informative conversations look at the ADHD Awareness Month Website to find short video clips from the experts.

What Is The ADHD Awareness Color?

Orange is the colour reserved for ADHD Awareness Month. We wear orange ribbons and put orange ribbons and borders on social media to represent our love and support for someone with ADHD. If you would like to order a personalized orange ADHD ribbon, you can find one by visiting this link.

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ADHD Awareness Month Myths Vs. Facts

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Before my son received his diagnosis, other parents and family members had a lot to say about his behaviour. He was called bad or annoying a lot. In school, they said he was immature, disruptive, or a troublemaker. Sometimes they thought he was just too intelligent and bored in his class. Yes, my son is brilliant, opinionated, and has a motor that is always running. However, all those things others called him are just examples of labels put on people with ADHD. There are a lot of myths out there. Here are a few ADHD Myths that I will try to debunk for you.

Children With ADHD Need More Discipline/ ADHD Is Caused By Bad Parenting

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All children need to be disciplined. It helps them develop traits they will need as an adult. I learned early on is regardless of how firm I am with my son, he will still need me to help him regulate himself. I am not a bad parent because my child needs more direction. A good parent recognizes when their child is struggling and helps them find their way. My son was diagnosed very early in his life as potentially exhibiting ADHD. I can tell you from my experience it took years and many tests talks with psychology professionals and teachers before he received a formal diagnosis. Diagnosis rates are related to criteria that are set and methods used to diagnose. It may seem that everyone has ADHD at times, but those diagnosed have been waiting years for answers.

ADHD Medications Are Addictive

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This is one of the myths that I struggled with as a parent. I am reluctant to put any chemicals in my child's body at an age when their bodies are rapidly changing. However, my son needed medication to focus and continue to learn comfortably and at an acceptable level for a time. We trusted the doctor to monitor him closely and adjust meds as needed. After a while, my son was weaned off his medications and used other non-medicinal ways to regulate his ADHD. As of now, he is prescription-free, monitored for future needs, and suffering no harmful addiction or side effects. Medications for ADHD are closely monitored by medical professionals and pose little risk for the development of addictions.

ADHD Awareness Month Activities

Follow this link to receive a guide on ADHD Awareness Month information and activities.

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