Orphans with Parents!

Orphan | 20th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

If you look closely at Nigerian society, you'll see a certain category of kids whose parents are very much alive but who are being treated by family relations as if they are orphans.

Parents of these kids put themselves in situations where they barely have a say in what goes on in their kids' lives. The relatives who take care of these children lord themselves over these kids and don't even treat them right.

Sadly, what is the priority on their minds is what they can benefit from the kids. Some of these children if they don't get physically or sexually abused, end up being emotionally and psychologically abused by these so-called 'caregivers.

How does one explain the vile act of taking up responsibility for a child and then treating the child like shit for no fault of theirs? At what point does a parent or parents become blind to seeing the sad lives their kids are living in the hands of family relations, who are supposed to take care of them?

In some cases even, you can't tell the obvious maltreatment of these children until you take a close look at them, hear the things they aren't saying or are saying silently because of fear and abuse.

Parents must be deliberately responsible. Even if you're a single mom or dad, let there be a difference between an actual orphan and a child with a living parent. Make every effort you can to give them the best of yourself even if you're going through a hard time. LISTEN TO THEM!

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