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We wished our parents had done many things for us when we were young. When we are parents, do we even consider doing those things for our children?

When you were young, maybe you wanted a little attention from your parents, or perhaps you were curious to know the answers to certain questions? Didn't you wish your parents were a little more understanding to allow you to choose your favourite subjects in school or the job you wanted to do? Do we address all these things while parenting? This brings us to the topic of parenting!

Parenting is a very sacred responsibility


A child’s whole future depends on how he is treated and what values are taught to a child at a very young age. The end of humanity depends on how a child is treated. We are responsible for the evolution of their personality and behaviour.

100% attention and observation


Even twins tend to behave differently when put into the same situation. This is because every child has unique abilities and capabilities that they are born with. Parents need to observe their talents and capabilities with an open mind keenly. This ensures parents don't force their unfulfilled dreams, desires, and visions on a child. We have his uniqueness which has to be nurtured. When a child gets proper attention from his parents, he doesn't feel left out and develops a sense of belongingness and self-confidence. This helps a child to enhance his personality.

Be sensitive and emphatic


One way to do this is simply by listening to your child. When we listen to them with undivided focus, we get to know the layers of their personality. If they face any obstacles in life, we should be the first to understand the mental state of what our child goes through. For example: if by any chance our child turns out to belong to the LGBTQ community, he should be able to open up to us first rather than his friends and cousins. Positive interaction with the children and a lot of communication is a necessity. Understanding them by being like their best friend is something we should do.

Give freedom to make choices


A child's personality will develop when he has a sense of independence and freedom. Real growth requires space to make our own decisions, which is no different for our children. This makes him mentally strong to face big situations and certain obstacles in his life. He should not be a second-hand person by being a puppet of others’ compulsive decisions in the hands of others but should be wise enough to know his capabilities and make decisions for himself. This will nurture our children's originality, and their true nature will shine.

Giving and Sharing


This will also make them express their hearts because, after a certain point, sharing becomes an act of expressing joy. Children don't hold their expressions & emotions once they develop their personality through sharing. Sharing will encourage them to see themselves in others and develop compassion.

Avoid Arguments


More than arguments, avoid gossiping. Arguments lead to a child not trusting himself because he finds it hard to trust you. This lowers his self-confidence. Protect your child's trust. They should be able to trust the good things in society. If they trust others 100%, they will also be able to trust themselves and instil self-confidence.

Be productive and keep learning


Do everything that you expect your child to do. He'll try to adapt your habits when he sees you constantly growing and learning. Children learn more by seeing than by what is theoretically taught to them. Preach what you teach. If you feel your child shouldn't lie, firstly, you avoid telling him to answer calls on your behalf saying that you aren't at home.

We fail not because we don't achieve big goals. We fail because we set small goals for ourselves and achieve them.

Give them a vision


For good parenting, you learn values like patience and perseverance. Teach them to be fearless and dream big. Make them study culture, tradition, and values and help them connect them with their big visions. Tell them stories of great kings and personalities. Show them TV shows that make them think big and out of the box. Make their books and biographies of world leaders and spiritual teachers. The Internet has helped us ease our life but cannot replace the value of good books. Make them follow a big vision.

Social Activities and 360° view of life (holistic education)


Allow them to work for NGOs. Make them understand how they can use their education to give back to society. Expose them to science, arts, creativity, financial freedom, and innovation. Teach them mindfulness, meditation, and fitness! Just like our ancient Gods like Krishna possess an all-around personality, children should be introduced to certain role models with amazing character!

Instil curiously and the habit of questioning everything


The art of questioning develops a child's intelligence. Smart people ask smart questions. Never ignore even the smallest questions they ask. Address it and allow them to find answers.

Make them healthy


Make them develop a liking for sports and physical and mental health. Our body and mind are connected. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Hence, our productivity increases along with the gift of a stress-free life. There are many things to learn from our children. The list will go one if we start discussing it! Children have pure hearts, rich in originality, uniqueness, and innocence. Let us help them preserve these qualities.

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