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When a person consults someone, we call it Counselling and if someone overview about himself or thinks about what to do and what not to do in the future, how to do it and how not to do it, is known as Personal Counselling.

If you want to describe personal Counselling in easy words, some will do it in such a way that in personal Counselling, a person observes himself according to his ability, achievements and his likes and dislikes.

Importance of Personal Counselling


In Personal Counselling, you decide what you should do in future, what you deserve and what will not be better for you. In Personal Counselling you observe yourself, then you identify your weaknesses and strengths so that you can decide what you can do well and what not. In personal Counselling, you are able to decide which work to do and at what time.

Importance of Personal Counselling for Students

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People in India think about what the students will think about themselves, so their parents have to decide on every subject related to them. Their parents try to understand about every subject what is right and wrong for them. But it is necessary for these parents to understand that if they give their child an opportunity of self-observation, then their children will be able to know themselves well what their weaknesses are, what is their strong side, in which subject they need to work hard for them. What will be appropriate to do in the future and what will not, this will strengthen the decision making power of children.

How a student should do his personal Counselling ?

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In India, students do their own Counselling, but most students’ parents do not care about their decision. He considers his decision as to the decision of the child and asks them to do what they have decided. Apart from this fact, Every student should do their Personal Counselling and if they want to do their Personal Counselling then they can do something like this-

  • First of all, the student has to find his most favourite field in which he wants to make his career like he wants to become a doctor or become an engineer or something else.

  • After selecting his favourite field, the student should tell his parents that he wants to go to this field. The child must be consult his parents on every subject related to him.

  • After doing this, his child will have to look at his studies which he has done to see that he has a qualification for what he wants to do or not, if he has a qualification then what else he has to qualify to achieve his target and if he does not have the qualification that is required, then the student has to achieve the qualification according to his target.

  • After making this decision what he has to qualify for, that the student will have to decide which institute or college and from which city.

  • Along with all this, the student will also have to take care of his financial condition whether he has a financial condition for what he wants to do or not.

When should a student start Personal Counselling


It is a big responsibility of parents to encourage their child for personal counselling and speak at the right time for Personal Counselling. According to me, students in India should start Personal Counselling from 9th grade, at this time they should see what they like and what they don’t like.

Students have to re-assess in 11th grade, in which subject they are strong and in which subject they are weak then according to that they should take further decision. After this, the student will have to do assessment again when he passes 12th then according to his performance which he has done so far.

If a student in a field that does not depend on a subject like a student has to make a career in a sports, then he should start working hard in that sports from the age of 13. Every field has different demands, so the student should research as much as possible in the field in which to pursue his career, then prepare his plan according to that, then start executing that plan. Personal Counselling is a process that you have to do on your own, in which you do not need anyone, you should do it daily according to your circumstances because the circumstances change day by day.

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