Plastic as poison!

Plastic | Poison | 25th September 2021 | Virtual Wire

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We are all very well aware of the uses of plastic. From the beginning of the morning, till we sleep at night, we definitely use plastic in some form or the other.

If we look around us, we will see countless plastic items around us. Plastic has become so involved in our lives that even knowing the harm caused by it, we are not stopping its use, on the contrary, we are becoming more and more dependent on it. From its production to its use and then even after throwing it as garbage, it only harms us. If plastic is called synonyms of deadly poison then it will not be wrong. Today I'm trying to highlight the ill effects of this deadly poison on our lives.

About a hundred years ago, when plastic was invented (1907), the inventor ( Leo Baekeland) must have thought that it would be very useful for humans. By using this, there will be a lot of change and the life of humans will become very easy. But perhaps they will not realize that we humans will become so much dependent on the usefulness of this plastic that it will

become an integral part of our life.

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Plastic has become so ingrained in human life that now they do not even want to imagine life without it. Plastic is getting dissolved in our life like a dangerous poison and it has become a threat not only to our environment but also to the health of humans. It is so dangerous that it harms both directly and indirectly. If you look at the harm caused by this toxic plastic, then it will seem unlimited. But the list of the big dangers caused by this is as follows-

1). Affected human health.

2). Air pollution.

3). Groundwater degradation.

4). Deteriorating soil quality.

5). Danger to other living beings.

6). Excessive accumulation of waste.

7). Ocean pollution.

8). Contamination of water of rivers and ponds.

9). Danger for wildlife.

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These are some serious issues that have arisen due to plastic and are increasing very fast. The adverse effect of plastic starts in our environment from the time of its production. Actually, 99℅ plastics are made from fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are converted into plastics, this process, carcinogenic and other deadly toxic substances get into the air in large quantities. And these deadly poisons prove to be very dangerous for humans. Exposure to these poisonous substances can result in serious diseases such as cancer, damage to the nervous system, problems with reproduction & development, leukaemia and genetic problems like low birth weight. Most of the workers working in the factory get various diseases during the production of plastics. Mainly among these is skin cancer.

All these side effects are at the time of production of plastic. But after that its dangerous effect increases, even more, when we use it and then throw it away. In our daily life, from morning till evening, we use plastic and other items made from it countless times. From our toothbrushes to food items, clothes, pens, phones, medicine, toys of kids and all other items used in everyday life, all are made of plastic or wrapped in it in some way. If we talk about today's era, then we get all the food items wrapped in plastic. Bread, milk, fruits, chips, cold drinks or food imported from outside are packed inside the plastic.

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The toxic chemicals present in the plastic react with the food items are kept inside the plastic and enter the food, due to which those food items also become poisonous for our body. Most plastics contain a chemical called BPA (biphenyl A ), which experts consider to be extremely dangerous for human health. According to doctors, this chemical damages the hormones of our body. Due to this chemical, breast cancer can occur in women and sperm count can also decrease in men. Apart from this, it can also be very dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn children. These were the things in which I told how plastic is affecting our food and drinks.