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Actor | Life | 17th January 2022 | Virtual Wire



Have you ever wondered about the essence of life? Is it about the goodness we show to others?

Does it have to do with reaching our highest potential? When we are still children, we were told to play along according to our age. We mostly do fun kinds of stuff and are encouraged to make happy memories. As we move towards adulthood, why does everything

change and we are now demanded to be actors rather than players of life?

This is what happened to us. We grew from where we used to be and now we are more than fun players but are now part of society that needs us to function. A cycle of life that starts from nothing expected of you up to the part where one wishes you to do something whether you like it or not. This is acting up.


A moment in our growing up stage stipulates our need to move beyond our comfort zone. This is a dream to go out what we used to be and dive into unfamiliar situations. What most of us thought of adulthood isn’t what is the reality but when we grow up, attached to it is the value to chase learning.

Hardship can make you unimaginable. It is only between the two: winning or learning. There is no loser in life, only learners. When we act as actors, let us be reminded to play it as when we are still children, have fun. We grow up and so is our definition of fun. What fun now is continuous learning. The essence of our life now is about winning and learning, a never-ending story.

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