PM Modi to address UN dialogue on desertification, land degradation, and drought!

UN | 15th June 2021 | Virtual wire

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will deliver a keynote address virtually at the United Nations during the High-Level Dialogue on Desertification, Land Degradation, and Drought.

The Permanent Mission of India to the UN has said that the Prime Minister will be speaking at the Opening Segment in his capacity as the President of the 14th Session of the Conference of Parties of United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).

The dialogue seeks to maintain momentum on addressing DLDD-related challenges, with a

view to accelerating SDG implementation, ecosystem restoration, climate change adaptation, mitigation, and resilience, using land restoration as a key entry point. It will also encourage stronger and more effective partnerships and commitments.

“Land is the foundation of our societies and is a cornerstone to global food security and

environmental health, zero hunger, poverty eradication, and affordable energy. It underpins the success of the entire 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” the advisory said.

“Globally, one-fifth of earth’s land area – more than 2 billion hectares – is degraded, including more than half of all agricultural land. Unless we change how we manage soil, over 90 percent could become degraded by 2050," the UN said.

"Land degradation negatively impacts one-fifth of the planet’s land area and the livelihoods of 3.2 billion people, 40 percent of the global population. It accelerates climate change and

biodiversity loss, and contributes to droughts, wildfires, involuntary migration and the

the emergence of zoonotic infectious diseases,” it said.

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