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Population | Growth | 03rd September 2021 | Virtual Wire

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The increasing number of people is called population growth and when this population increases very fast, then the population takes the form of explosive.

Today, population growth not only in India but all over the world is standing in the form of a big challenge. Whose solution is very important. In today's blog, you will get some important information related to population growth. In this article, you will know that -

1. What is population growth

2. Causes of population growth

3. Effects of population growth

4. How to control it.

The population of any country greatly affects the development of that country. That's why everyone must be aware of population growth. So let's start to know about this topic better.

1). What is Population Growth.

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Population growth is the increasing number of people. If the population of people in any particular area exceeds the resources available in that area, then this population becomes a big problem. The current world population is 7.9 billion and the latest projections indicate that the world population will reach 10 billion in the year 2057.

According to a report, two children are born every sec in the whole world, which means that every one year about 70 million children are born all over the world. While the increase in resources is negligible in proportion to this population growth.

2). Causes of population growth.

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There are many factors of population growth but in a developing country like India, there are some such factors that also show the distorted mentality of the society. Some main factors for population growth are as follows -


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Illiterate or less educated people are not aware of the benefits of having a small family due to which they give birth to more children without family planning due to ignorance and as a result of population growth.

The steady decline in the death rate