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A comprehensive study of the effect of positivity on physical and mental health was published in 2010 in several prestigious generals including ResearchGate.

It came to the fore that the cause of real happiness is not an external factor. New clothes, house - car or the excitement of settling in a new city is known to give happiness only to 10 per cent of the people, that too does not last long. The happiness of the rest 90 per cent of the people depends on the way they look at life. Self-talk means talking to yourself plays a big role in this. Know how you can change the outlook of life by giving yourself a dose of helpful words.

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Self-talk can be negative as well as positive. It can be about you and the things around you, even about the world. You can change a lot of things in life by changing the way you talk to yourself. According to a report, it has been found that pessimistic people become negative even towards the good events of life. If you also think in the same way then you need to consider this thing. Because, if you are a pessimist then, you reduce your self-worth.

It is believed that by the time you are 17 years old, you will have heard an average of 1.5 million times, ‘NO, YOU CAN’T’. The same, ‘YES YOU CAN’, you hear an average of five thousand times only. That is instead of one ‘YES’, thirty ‘NO'. Because of this, the belief of ‘I CAN’T’ in the people becomes firm. Discussion with yourself depends on your personality.

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This can affect the outlook. Athletes resort to positive conversations with themselves to reach their set goals. Many methods of positive self-talk have been told in various studies. For this, pay attention to your words. Notice that in certain situations you become negative! First, start by changing the words. Be careful in the selection of words. Behaving well towards yourself can change the result.

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