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Powerful Reflections | 10th September 2022 | Virtual Wire



In 2014, I was privy to hear of a meeting titled mind shift. I was a student in college and truthfully it was my first time hearing the word in this sense.

So my curious mind did the maths, mind-shift must mean when your mind shifts. Okay, now that I think of my thoughts I laugh. Even with the low understanding I had of the topic, the title Mindshift stuck well in my heart and I was willing to find out more. The second meaning of the word reflection is Serious thought or consideration. When you set your mind to work, there are no constraints on what you can do or how high you can lift yourself. You are where your ideas have carried you today; you will be where your thoughts take you tomorrow, according to a quote by James Allen. The fascinating subject of mind power can be used to focus or change one's thoughts and beliefs to alter one's life. People who take the time to read about and explore how their thoughts influence their actions and, ultimately, their life, will find it to be a fascinating topic. The fundamental tenet is that our ideas direct our actions. This holds for all facets of our lives, including our mental and physical health as well as our attitudes and beliefs. Consider the stress case.



What should we know about stress?

A change that necessitates a physical, mental, or emotional adjustment or response is referred to as stressful by scientists as being the body's response. Beginning a new job, losing a loved one, facing financial difficulties, caring for a sick family member, being in an unpleasant relationship, etc. can all cause stress. Every one of these circumstances calls for us to do some sort of action physically, think conceptually, or feel emotional. When this stress is not properly handled, it can result in major health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. This is a good illustration of how having a particular mindset can result in a physical condition. When the power of the mind is misused, negative outcomes might occur. Your life will reflect the thoughts you have. Whether you're aware of your thoughts or not, this is true.

Placebo Impact


The placebo result is a prime illustration of this. This phrase describes the situation in which patients who receive placebos in clinical studies frequently experience the side effects brought on by the medicine itself. They begin to experience the medicine's effects because they think they are taking the medication. However, their placebo might have just been a sugar pill in disguise. This serves as a fantastic example of how the power of the mind may influence one's physical health and how ideas shape reality.

Attitude: Positive vs. Negative


More and more research is demonstrating the link between mental strength and physical health. Patients who undergo the same medical procedure but have different mindsets will experience vastly different outcomes. Patients who went into surgery with an optimistic outlook frequently recovered more quickly than those who entered the procedure with a negative outlook. Another illustration of how our ideas have an impact on our physical health is this. Once more, the power of your mind and how it affects your body's ability to heal To live a good life, it is critical and necessary to learn how to use your mind's power.

Two unique ways of engaging the power of your mind:


1. Have a goal that is both precise and obvious.

2. Focus both your mental and physical efforts on accomplishing that goal.

Have a goal that is both precise and obvious.


What kind of profession or business do you want? Is it full- or part-time? What time slots are you looking for? What wage or profit are you seeking? Be precise. A general statement like "a lot of money" is not precise. Exactly how much money do you hope to earn—$60,000 or $100,000? Your subconscious mind will understand your message more clearly and you are more likely to draw the kind of employment or business you want if you are more explicit. You must be explicit and specific if you want Mind Power to operate for you. Now it does not stop with only the mental process.

Focus both on your mental and physical effort in accomplishing that goal:


Watch for opportunities and don't pass up any, no matter how tiny, that come your way. When you see these indications, pay attention and act. These covert opportunities may present themselves when your friend comments that he saw a job opening for an intriguing position in the newspaper or when your former manager emails you to check in. Be aware of them so you can spot them and take the necessary action to finish what you started.

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