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Public Speaking | 19th September 2022 | Virtual Wire



I've learned that striving to have an American or British accent is one of the factors contributing to public speaking anxiety.

Contrary to what you've been told, allow me to offer you some professional counsel. To appear competent on radio, television, webinars, or in live training, you don't need to pretend to have a British or American accent. Eloquence plays a role in becoming a skilled public speaker. And clarity, correctness, and confidence, rather than an accent—are what define eloquence. This requires you to speak, confidently, and in a way that anyone can easily hear and understand you. It also requires you to pronounce your words accurately. There's no need for you to adopt a "spri spri" accent. No, my sweetie! You are from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, India, or wherever you are from; embrace your accent.


Accent refers to a distinctive way that a community of speakers speaks that is unique to them. This is what makes you special, just as America and the United Kingdom each have their own. Instead of avoiding your accent, you should learn how to manage mother tongue interference (although I like the term "interaction" instead of "interference"). If your accent comes through clearly when you talk, it's time to make it more noticeable. You can get your audience to listen if you just focus on using the correct simple verb tenses.

3 Simple Techniques For Speaking With Confidence.


Bring Your Audience Along for the Ride


Why do I say that? Simply put, you want people to understand that while you feel blessed to be standing in front of them, it's not always easy. The following is what you can say: Greetings to all. I appreciate you participating in this event, and I don't take your viewership for granted.

Ensure simplicity


Public speaking is meant to emphasize the purpose of the audience. You don't want to confuse your audience; you want them to understand the main idea. Simple correct tenses are sufficient for the hack. Occasionally using odd phrases is acceptable, but never stuffing your sentences full of them.

Help Your Audience Connect to You by Telling a Simple Story


Telling a personal story or a related story to the topic you are about to discuss would be nice. It reduces the tension and captivates your audience. Make it creative and also try not to make it too long as you might lose their interest.

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