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Rajgir- The House of King and The Abode of Spirituality!

Rajgir | Bihar | House of King | Abode of spirituality | 31st December 2022 | Virtual Wire



Rajgir aka Rajgrih aka Giribraj is such a part of Indian history that gives you a new message in itself, Rajgir is an important part of our ancient history, which used to be the capital of the largest Magadh Janpadat in 16 Mahajanapadas.

Rajgir is an international attraction for tourism in India, it is said that earlier Saraswati river also used to flow here which had dried up now with the help of the administration. Now it has started appearing again. Yes, you read it right, the ancient capital of Magadh, the largest district of history, used to be the first Rajgriha, this city is surrounded by five hills, all around, as if the earth's nature has spread its charm in the atmosphere. Do not know how many rulers ruled this beautiful land of nature, ruled their rule, among them the main name related to Mahabharata and Brihadratha's son Jarasandha, whom Pandava-Putra Bhima killed Jarasandha in a duelling war, you will also know about Jarasandh's arena. It will be seen where even today traces of chariots and blood are visible. With this, Bimbisara made Girivraj (Rajgriha) his capital and along with it he also established the Harayaka dynasty. Bimbisara was the friend and protector of Mahatma Buddha. He declared his son Ajatashatru as his sub-ruler, and Bimbisara ruled for about 52 years. You can be aware of many monuments and memories related to the Haryana dynasty by visiting there, the main ones include places like Bimbisara Jail, Ajatashatru Fort, and Son Bhandar.


Along with this, as soon as you enter this historical city, you will find a sightseeing place named Shanti Stupa before the city, which is one of the major and famous places of Rajgir, it is situated on the Ratna Giri mountain of Rajgir. It is situated, it is the highest peaceful place in the whole world, where Mahatma Buddha gave messages related to peace. Along with this, there are many places of interest in Rajgir, many tourist places for enticing tourists. Yes!! If you want to enjoy any joyful, captivating and beautiful place in Bihar, then Rajgir will be the very right choice for you. Aha the natural beauty of Rajgir, that greenery, those five hills welcoming you like nature has laid its zenith. The means of reaching Rajgir is by transport, if you are coming from any other state or country then you can also use air transport, for this you have to get tickets for Patna Airport and Bodh Gaya Airport, from there you can take the bus, train and others. It can be reached using means of road transport. And yes, after coming here, do not forget to use the Tamtam (horse cart) for the tour. Talking about food, you can enjoy a variety of traditional food by reaching here, especially the fun street foods, which you may not find in any 5-star hotels here. And yes, if you are coming to Bihar for the first time, then never forget to eat Litti Chokha. On the other hand, if you talk about it, then do not forget to enjoy the famous sweet "Khaja" of the nearby town of Silva.

Rajgir Kunda (Hot Spring)


The holy natural water springs in Rajgir, Bihar, may be found at Rajgir Hot Springs (Kunda), which is located 3 kilometres from Rajgir Railway Station. It is one of the well-known hot springs in Bihar and one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Rajgir, and it is located close to Pandu Pokhara. One of Rajgir's most well-liked attractions is the Hot Water Springs, which are located at the base of Vaibhava Hill. In Rajgir, there are about seven hot springs that are revered by Buddhists, Jainists, and adherents of Hinduism. The Saptaparni Caves at the summit of the hill are thought to be the source of the seven streams known as Saptadhara, which supply the water. With a temperature of about 45 degrees Celsius, the Brahmakund Spring is thought to be both the most revered and the hottest. The Hot Springs are renowned for their therapeutic properties, which can treat a variety of skin conditions.

A travelling stairway leads up to an enclosure where the spring's water is gathered. Bathing facilities include faucets with running water. Men and women have separate areas for bathing. It is forbidden for non-Hindus to enter the spring. There’s also not allowed chemical products in bathing. The Pippa cave, a huge stone formation with grottos on all sides, is accessible by a flight of stairs located above the Brahma Kund. It has been determined to be the Pippala stone home, which Buddha and later his disciples frequented. Its name comes from the Pipal tree at the cave's entrance, which the Buddha is supposed to have periodically visited for meditation following his midday meal. The building is sometimes referred to as "Jarasandh ki Baithak" in honour of King Jarasandh, a character in the Mahabharata. The nearby Lakshmi Narayan Temple is another place of interest.

Vishwa Shanti Stupa


Vishwa Shanti Stupa, also known as Peace Pagoda, is situated on the Ratnagiri mountain. When you go there by the road, you will find this scenic spot as soon as you enter the city, which leads to a road on the left. Every day there are thousands of devotees and travelling people come to visit. To reach the stupa, you have to use a ropeway or stairs here. Here the peace found in the mountains and the resonating sound of the mantra gives peace to your soul. If you are taking food items to this place, then I would say that you should be a little careful with the monkeys. Vishwa Shanti Stupa, also known as Shanti Pagoda, is situated on the Ratnagiri mountain. You will find this sightseeing spot as you enter the city when you go by Rajgir Road, which leads to a road on the left. Every day thousands of devotees and travelling people come for darshan.

To reach the stupa, you have to use the ropeway or stairs here. Here the peace found in the mountains and the resonating sound of the mantra gives peace to your soul. If you are going to this place with food and drink, then I would say that you should be a little careful with the monkeys. Situated atop Ratnagiri hill with a height of 400 meters, Vishwa Shanti Stupa is the highest peace pagoda in the world and is considered a symbol of peace and harmony. Where Buddha converted the Mauryan king Bimbisara to Buddhism and preached peace here. Apart from this, there is also an Ashoka Stupa located nearby that you can visit. And many more places are there to visit, Go and enjoy or make fun with friends and family. I have a suggestion for you all if you want to spend some time here with your family, then for this, you should choose the rainy and cold season.

Location📍: Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Rajgir Opening Hours: from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Ghora Katora


Ghora Katora Lake is a picturesque body of water surrounded by mountains on three sides, and in the centre of the lake sits a stunning huge Buddha statue. The distance to the lake is roughly 6.5 kilometres from Shanti Stupa, and the route there passes through a forest. You can go there by using only an e-rickshaw vehicle standing at Shanti Stupa, they will take 100 rupees per person with the return back Location📍: Ghora Katora Dam, Rajgir Opening Hours: from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Japanese Temple


One of India's top tourist destinations is the Japanese temple at Rajgir, which draws a sizable number of visitors each year. Rajgir is a beautiful location surrounded by rocky hills, and visitors are mesmerised by its beauty. A white statue of Gautam Buddha is inside the sizable temple. At the entrance to the temple, it is situated. Around the temple, you can see well-maintained, lush green gardens. In the temple's main gate, there is also a pillar that is visible. It is a very tranquil and serene environment within the temple, where devotees sit. Approximately half a kilometres separate this location from Rajgir's main entrance. You can go there walking & also you can use E-rickshaw and a traditional vehicle horse cart (Tamtam).

Location📍: Japanese Temple Rajgir

Opening Hours: from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm.

Venu Van


Aha!!! The more you emphasize Venu Van's beauty and pleasantness, the less beautiful it will actually be. That great and delightful well-known tourist site, surrounded on all sides by lovely vibes, energizes the mind and inspires enthusiasm in a serene setting. “Venu Van” means a “Bamboo Forest”. This greenery place is associated with Mahatma Buddha & the king of Haryak Vansh “Bimbisar”. About 2500 years ago, Lord Buddha received the park as a gift from Magadha King Bimbisara. The park contains a tiny body of water known as the Karandak tank. Lord Buddha enjoyed spending time in the jungle and would bathe there before travelling to teach his disciples on Griddhakuta hill. It is reported that Bimbisara once stayed the night with Lord Buddha here because it was late and the city gates had already closed when he had just had a bath in one of the adjacent warm springs. Even now, this park is tranquil because of its modest central pond, gorgeous Buddha temple, and walkways lined with tall trees. A room's foundation, the bases of nine brick stupas, and tablets from the 10th and 11th centuries have all been recovered during excavations in the forest. Venu Van is without a doubt at the top of the list of things to do in Rajgir. This place is only at a walking distance of around 100 to 200 meters from the hot spring (Kunda).

Location📍: Venu Van Rajgir

Opening Hours: from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Veerayatan Museum


Veerayatan Museum, also known as the Kala Mandir, was inaugurated in 1982 and is one of Rajgir's most well-known tourist destinations. It is devoted to Jainism and features a number of artefacts and handcrafted items that depict the doctrine and lives of Jainism's 24 Tirthankaras. The museum has a very calm and serene ambience as a result of its location in the Vaibhav Giri hills' foothills. More than 50 wooden and metal three-dimensional models depicting the teachings and lifestyles of Tirthankaras are on display. Acharya Shri Chandanaji is the creator of all the exquisite handmade representations on display here. You can also go to the museum's regularly scheduled display of Acharya Shri Ji's artwork. The exhibitions can also teach you about the Jain religion's history, importance, teachings, and following. This place is around one and a half kilometres far away from the hot spring (Kunda) of Rajgir, you need to there use an E- Rickshaw or Horse Cart (Tamtam).

Location📍: Veerayatan Museum, Rajgir

Opening Hours: from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Pandu Pokhar


Pandu Pokhar at Rajgir is a genuinely remarkable and magnificent illustration of outstanding Indian history that dates back to the Mahabharata. It is spread out across an area of 22 acres. It includes the account of King Pandu, the Pandavas' father, attacking Rajgriha and turning it into a stable for horses. According to legend, a swale was made as he fled, and later rainwater gathered in the swale, creating the legendary Pandu Pokhara. One of the best tourist attractions in Rajgir, there’s a marvellous park. It is a legacy that conveys the illustrious past of natural wealth. Whichever form of lodging you pick, you will feel right at home at our Camping Pitch because it is surrounded by lush greenery and offers you the ideal stay in the middle of nature. INDRAPRASTHA (Suite Room) (Suite Room) VIPULACHAL & VAIBHAVGIRI (Deluxe Dormitory Room) (Deluxe Dormitory Tents) RAJGRIHA & RAJHARA SONGIRI, UDAIGIRI, RATNAGIRI (Deluxe Dormitory Family Tents) The Camping Pitch can easily hold 46 to 50 people for business functions, school outings, and other social and family gatherings. This place is around a half kilometre far away from Rajgir Kund.

Location📍: Pandu Pokhara, Rajgir

Opening Hours: from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm.

Other Major Places to Visit There


  • Soan Caves (Soan Bhandar).

  • Jarasandh Ka Akhada.

  • Maniyar Math.

  • Naulakha Jain Temple.

  • Bimbisar Jail.

  • Ajatshatru Fort.

  • Glass Bridge.

  • Jungle Safari.

  • Rajgir Nature Safari.

  • Ratna Giri Hills.

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