Ranking The Top 5 BTS Songs of All Time!

BTS | Music | 18th October 2022 | Virtual Wire


The legendary Korean band BTS and their music, have been taking over the world in a massive wave.

You can rarely find someone today who hasn't ever heard of the septet group. With more and more people getting to know about k-pop, here are 5 of the top-ranked songs of BTS!

Blood, Sweat and Tears

This song was what you could describe as the big break for BTS on an international level. Blood, Sweat and Tears launched the group into the global charts. The captivating choreography of the MV coupled with the incredible visuals is a treat for the eyes. The catchy hook of the song is one that almost any k-pop fan is familiar with. Blood, Sweat and Tears are also known for their high artistic quality and symbolism.

Spring Day

Spring Day is one of the BTS songs that is held close to the heart by many k-pop fans. The melodious song with its intensely emotional lyrics, speaks of a sense of longing, moving on and a lingering sadness that the majority of the audience was able to relate to. It was one of the many songs that proved the vocal and artistic abilities of the septet as professional singers, songwriters and producers.

Mic Drop

With its intense and synchronised choreography, Mic Drop became a quick hit all over the world. It gained even more popularity when the septet collaborated with Steve Aoki, to release a remix version of the song later on. BTS' Mic Drop live performances continues to be one that the fans look forward to with great enthusiasm. It continues to be one of the most covered songs and dance performances by several other k-pop groups and idols.


This song holds a special position as the first ever fully English single to be released by BTS.

With its pop disco vibes, Dynamite was quite unique from its other works. Moreover, the members' fashion and style in the MV are to die for! The song marked an important milestone in the septet's journey as it earned them their very first Grammy nomination. Dynamite was soon followed by more English singles such as pop-discoButter, and Permission to Dance.

Yet To Come

Yet to Come is a song that will forever leave a bittersweet taste in the hearts of BTS' loyal fandom, ARMY. Dedicated to their fans, it was the last song released by the septet, before they announced their indefinite hiatus on June 14th 2022 to focus on their solo careers. ARMY holds onto the promise made by the septet in the Yet to Come song lyric - "promise that we'll keep on coming back for more". These song suggestions are a mere teaser for the whole treasure hoard of incredible and beautiful songs created by BTS. Get to know more about this incredible k-pop boy group that has been taking over the world with their voices, personalities and undeniably exceptional talent. You'll be sure to fall in love!

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