Reasons why you should take a solo trip, this holiday season!

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Winters are around the corner and so is the holiday season. We all await this season because after months of hard work, stressful meetings, semester evaluations and whatnot, we finally get to take a much-needed break!

Holidays are a no-rule, no-schedule zone. You can finally do whatever the hell you want to! Everyone has their own way of unbundling and chilling. So, how do you ideally spend your holidays? Are you someone who catches up on sleep or indulges in recreational activities? Or are you someone who stays in with the family and spends the week watching TV and munching snacks on the couch?

Well, in that case, how about you relax and refresh your soul by doing something totally unusual. Something like travelling to a new place by yourself. It may sound like a scary thought to dwell upon but let me convince you to take a solo trip, this holiday season! We spend the majority of our time around the crowds of family, friends and colleagues. If you really think about it, when was the last time you were alone with your thoughts?

Our generation is always hustling to ace their academics, fulfilling their responsibilities, looking after their loved ones that we forget to take a breather. What’s better than a spontaneous solo trip to reconnect with your soul and discover new things about yourself. All your life, you’ve been making decisions that are usually influenced by the people around you. Be it about the dinner menu or what cafe to go to, you lean on other people’s choices but on this solo trip, you could run wild.

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Do anything and everything you want to do. No one will be able to stop you if you wanna sit by the beach all night instead of hopping around the city to do the ‘mandatory exploring’. You could even order that strawberry milkshake with a burger without being judged for ordering ‘weird combos’. Yes, the perks of solo travelling! If you are someone who is way too shy to approach the waiter or ask for the right directions whenever you are lost, solo travelling will push your shyness away.

You will be totally on your own, out of your comfort zone and with no one to depend upon, you’ll see yourself asking around for guidance, socialising with strangers, opening up and leading conversations. This solo trip will mould you into a better communicator and that’s something you’ll be thankful for, in the long run. Do you often feel like a slave to your nine to five job? Are you someone who constantly feels obligated to behave in a certain way around their peers? Are you tired of being cautious?

Always running to catch up with a schedule? Well, in that case, this trip could be your break from that vicious cycle of deadlines followed by more deadlines. This solo travel will re-introduce you to the idea of flexibility. You will learn to live for the thrill of uncertainty around you. So what if it's for some time, you’ll enjoy this wildness.

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Travelling solo will push you out of your comfort zone. You’ll meet new people, you’ll learn new things about human nature, culture etc You will discover different perspectives and this will expand your way of thinking and taking action. If there’s something you don’t like, you’ll be forced to confront that and challenge yourself because you won’t have the option of avoiding or running away from there. Often such experiences will make you strong-minded, opinionated and teach you real-life lessons.

Travelling on your own will give you ample opportunities to revamp and rejuvenate. This break away from your regular pattern of living will act as a stress buster for your mind, body and soul. Since you all are so busy getting on with our hectic lives, you don’t pay much mind to your inner child which isn’t necessarily the right thing

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to do. You need to prioritize yourself, your choices, your opinions and your pleasure. So this holiday season, go for that solo trip, rediscover and reconnect with your body, mind and soul!

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