Rebecca Andrade: the gold and the silver of Brazil!

Rebecca | Brazil | 04th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

Amanda Antunes / São Paulo, Brazil – Silver in the general individual category and gold in the vault, the gymnast Rebeca Andrade stamps her name in the history of Brazilian sport with unprecedented Olympic medals.

Andrade closed the season with fifth place in her floor exercise performance today at the Center of Gymnastic Ariake. In an interview for the Sportv channel, the athlete celebrates after her performance: “I love performing the floor exercise. I'm taking home two unprecedented medals that were won with a lot of effort, with a lot of sweat, with the work of a lot of people, so I can't be unhappy.”

Brazil's strong tradition in artistic gymnastics wasn't enough to the women's team take a medal in the Olympic finals played until now. However, Andrade came to break this stigma and win two medals in just one Olympic games edition.

The gymnast Daiane dos Santos, famous for performing the double twist movement in the floor exercise, commented about the young medalist's accomplishments in the live broadcast on Globo channel: “A girl who came from a very humble background, who was raised by a single mother, deal with every challenge of all injuries. She is there today to be the second-best athlete in the world, a black Brazilian.”

Since the last Olympic Games, the 22 years old gymnast faced a sequence of serious injuries at her knee and passed by a few surgeries. The last one, in 2019, did not allow her to participate in the qualifying games.

Andrade was only able to participate in the games because of the postponement due to the pandemic. Moreover, the gymnast overcame the challenges with the support of coach Francisco Porath and a specialized technical team in time to carry out the last June qualifiers.

Today, when the clock marked six am in Brazil, the Brazilian gymnast performed for the last time in Tokyo. By the sound of Bach remixed with popular Brazilian funk called Baile de Favela, written by MC João. The athlete showed up with a wide smile, many tropical swings, and expressed satisfaction for her work in this Olympic edition.

The Brazilian national team's choreographer, Rhony Ferreira, tells in an interview to the Globo channel that he chose the song during the Rio 2016 Olympics, which was the first time Andrade participated. His inspiration was the audience's excitement when listening to it between games.

The show was exclusive to other teams, judges, and journalists because the stands were empty due to the pandemic. Only this privileged audience could closely see the animation guaranteed by the music and Andrade's incredible work.

Through the screens, thousands of Brazilians pictured in their memories the emotional images that speak so much about the country's better: the people, culture, and sport.

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