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Recipe For Happiness!

Happiness | 21st September 2022 | Virtual Wire



Ingredients: 1kg of a positive mindset | 4 cups of gratitude | 3 cups of forgiveness | 700gm of contentment | 2 cups of assertiveness | A sprinkle of prayer (for sweetness) | Sleep/rest | 1½tsp of emotional outburst | An enormous bowl of healthy relationships.



In a pot, pour the whole gram of positive mindset. This is the first thing you need to have when you wake up every morning. The day may not go as planned but with a positive mindset, you’d be able to overcome anything. Add the cups of gratitude. You aren’t where you want to be but seeing how far you’ve come and the surrounding people, it’s something to be thankful for. Recognize the good in your life and be grateful. Stir together and add the 3 cups of forgiveness. Hurt is a part of life, and forgiveness is a choice. Choose to let go today, forgive that person, and let it go because you deserve peace. Don’t let yourself be a prisoner to someone’s hurt, break free and let it go, you deserve to be free! Add the grams of contentment. Look around you, your family, your house, and your job, and find satisfaction in them. Be pleased with what you have so that when you have more, it will not be a strange feeling. Do not bite the hand that feeds you or rather take from others’ plates. Gather yours and cherish what you have. Allow marinating for 20 minutes.


Next, add the cup of assertiveness. Say no to things you don’t want to do, tell people how they make you feel, and speak up your opinion without being aggressive. The day you learn to speak is the day you live. For seasoning, put in a prayer for sweetness. About everything, pray. Sometimes we get overwhelmed and can’t even face life, pray and talk to God about everything, and invite him to the situation. In the good and bad, pray, only the supernatural can control the natural. Add the 1½ teaspoon of emotional outburst. Darling, showing a bit of crazy can do you a lot of good. Cry, shout, scream if you want to, express yourself and let it all out. Keeping a smiling face even when you’re not okay won’t help you. While everything is sizzling in the pot, add in sleep. When stressed, find time to rest and sleep. It is said that rest improves one’s mood, relieves pain, and reduces stress and anxiety. Allow everything to cook. For the liquid, add healthy relationships. There is what gives that tingling taste in the food (happiness). Being lonely sucks and can be depressing. Surround yourself with people who love you and want to make you better. Good friends are like glue, they will stick with you. Allow to cook for 5 minutes and your steamy hot bowl of happiness is beautifully cooked.

(P.S: there's a secret ingredient I do cook mine with it’s called Love)

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