Reel Vs Real Life!

Reel | Real | Life | 25th February 2022 | Virtual Wire



How many times have you felt jealous by seeing pictures/videos of someone on a world tour or enjoying his/her love interest? Or in a more direct way, how many times have you felt inadequate and unsatisfied after seeing that ‘someone’? Both of these questions have little to do with our own lives yet they are impactful.

Strangely, the answer for most of us can be ‘countless times. Being a regular customer of social media platforms, the unrealistic burden of having a fake identity, similar to someone else, keeps us beating a dead horse. I’m not against the concept of using social media as a medium to showcase one’s achievements, efforts or skills etc. with others but what actually goes with the viewers is what this write-up is all about.



Possibly the only industry that grew massively in the past 2-3 years is the influencing industry. Whether it be travel, sports and fitness, food…..the list is never-ending. It has become a major source of recognition and earnings for many globally. The story sounds exciting and fun but in reality, many viewers unknowingly inculcate insecurities in themselves through judging rather than self-introspecting. Self-introspection makes you ask yourself about what you truly want whereas judging and comparing makes you feel vulnerable in the long run and prevents effective action from your end.



Now comes another question on how to alter this kind of lifestyle and start on the path of becoming a different and unique personality. The first and the most crucial step is the ability to question yourself daily on a daily basis. When we contemplate on the ‘why’ of something we are doing or looking forward to, half the war is already won. You feel content and motivated and consider your actions great. After the first step, comes consistency, in the sense of doing what you want and for which you have the answer of ‘why’.

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