Restless Life: Are You Happy?

Restless Life | Happyess | 05th September 2022 | Virtual Wire



Hi friends, today we are going to know about something we actually try to avoid, something that disturbs our subconscious mind.

Yes, as you have got the point that we are going to discuss mental health. As the topic itself says that our life is too busy to earn, to show off, to bring a good future, but in this rush, we forget about our health, we might be physically fit, we might pay attention to our physical health but what about our mental health. Have you ever questioned yourselves in this restless life:- Are you happy? I know, just to satisfy your so-called conscious mind, 80% of you’ll say you are happy.


Okay for your sake, I assume you are happy from your innermost self. Now if I ask you, are you fully capable of holding on to all the responsibilities like your profession and your personal life? Your children, parents, and partner are happy with your deeds and they are satisfied by what you provide them, now here the ratio will decrease from 80% to 50%. This is what I am trying to say: you cannot fulfil everyone’s wishes but you can make them satisfied when you are positive and you are happy from your innermost self. If you yourself are hanging upside down the tree then, how can you imagine plucking out the fruit from the tree and satisfying the hunger of your family? For this to happen you must be happy and satisfied with your work. Never do that work which would end in regret.

Where Does Happiness Lie?


We cannot buy happiness from besides riches. Remember one thing, the man who sleeps in slums is 10 times more satisfied than the man who lives in flats besides his slum. Happiness doesn’t mean all about the facilities we have, happiness is just a state of mind where our mind gets a complete appreciation of what it contributes to our body, where it feels calm and radiates positivity all over our body. Happiness is felt when we are satisfied by what we have. So if you are satisfied you are happy, always appreciate yourself.

What Makes You Feel Satisfied?


Being in the present will surely make you satisfied. People nowadays regret the works they have done in the past and worry about their future, which results in the ruin of their present moment. Instead of working hard and giving their 100% today, they blame the environment they create for themselves. Here we have to understand that what we have is what we have earned through our good work or bad work. If in the past we had ruined ourselves then this (present) is the time for us to correct that mistake. If you’ll bring positivity in yourselves then no one, nothing can harm you. After doing what I said, again ask the same question about your restless life… Are you happy? And believe me, per cent the answer to 80% percent of you will be yes. So in your restless life try to give some time for yourself, try to question yourself about what you are doing today and how it will result in your future. Are you going to regret it or are you going to appreciate it? Think about it and good luck.

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