"Rising cases of Suicides in Japan"

Self-destructive conduct has been prominent in our society since the last decade, especially in the past year. Where isolation played a major role amongst us, despite the actual human beings. People tend to suffer from acute social problems and struggle in their own solitary.

The most prominent country living in this begrimed is Japan. It has been on a hike for the past few years for suicides. According to Japan Times, “The rising psychological and physical toll of the pandemic has been accompanied by a worrisome spike in suicide in the country,” Japan has appointed a “minister of loneliness” to reduce social isolation among its residents as the country deals with multiple rates of suicides.

Major issues that clout individuals to take this insightful step may vary; self-vulnerability through social isolation, constant financial pressure, and fear of virus may indulge people into depressive disorders, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Maybe Japan is facing this distressing scenario for a reason. Japan has been accounting for individuality for the past couple of years. Young men and women desire their own independence, this leaves the older generation alone and them too. Japan was naturally being individually isolated; closed cabinets in restaurants, hectic office life, elders living in close compartments, waiting for their off-springs to at least visit them once a month.

All of these things were leading to this scenario. And these suicide rates, if we take a look closely, we might notice that women, in general, are more likely to take their own lives. Nearly 6,976 women died by suicide last year ( 2020), nearly 15% more than in 2019. It disturbs us to be informed that women in their 30s or younger are committing suicide. Pandemic preventing them to socialise and solitary can be a gloomy phase in many individual's life. A total of 193 women in their 30s or younger committed suicide in August 2020, up by 74% from a year earlier. This also included teenage girls.

Near 8,00,000 individuals had ended their lives or attempted to kill themselves, leaving japan with a thrust around the cliff. Suicides embody and influence the community; through one-to-one consequences onto individuals and various families leading the nation to develop a slow thud.

Although, we as common, middle-class groups, might believe financial challenges would be the major issue for rising depression cases in japan. But disclosing the fact that many television stars star Kimura Hana in May, entertainer Miura Haruma in July, and entertainers Ashina Sei and Takeuchi Yuko in September have committed suicide. These incidents have brought up issues about their particular misfortunes, yet in addition to these conditions in Japanese society, in general, that may have added to the problem.

After such uncanny impactful incidents, japan is amplifying certain measures against loneliness; drew their immense attention to handling this extensive issue in the country that has been front-faced because of the pandemic.

Japan is not the only country to come up with such measures. In 2018, the United Kingdom government created a cabinet of ministers to fight loneliness, especially among its elderly.

According to World Health Organization, the Pandemic has disrupted over 60% to 130% of countries’ mental health services.

Japan now aligning its attention towards mental health, might bring us to assume, hopeful scenarios amongst the communities.

Credit- Elisha Peters- Content Writer @ Virtual Wire

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