Sally Rooney: Literary Phenomenon of the Decade!

Sally Rooney | 18th January 2022 | Virtual Wire


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If we look at careers from a spectrum of success or failure, we can confidently say that the story of Sally Rooney is a victorious from the start.

Sally Rooney is an Irish author and screenwriter that has risen to fame in recent years with her extraordinarily accomplished novel. Making a highly successful debut with her novel Conversations with Friends, and that followed that with an even bigger one with Normal People which sold millions internationally and was adapted into a TV series not so long after its publishing. She made a name for herself pretty quickly in the community and amongst the fiction readers. And now we with her latest addition to her books Beautiful World, Where Are You becoming a hot topic even before it was published in early September of 2021, we can see that there is a component in her work that attracts the masses.

Her work has taken the international literary community by storm. The number of copies sold of her books shows us that her writing style has resonated with a lot of readers. But What is it about her writing that makes it so unique? When we think about the characters in fiction novels, old and new classics, modern contemporary or even fantasy, we are able to categorize their age range into two. Characters are either in their teen years, coming of age time of their lives. Or over the age where uncertainty isn't much of a prominent a


fixture in their lives when life is a bit more settled. This creates a huge gap in the literature regarding our 20s.

The times in our lives where everything is so complicated and so vague. Nobody knows what they are doing or where they are going. Uncertainty is the biggest part of our thoughts, daily lives and relationships. This is where Sally Rooney comes into play. Her novels are constructed around these unstable years. The relationships that we built, romantically and platonically, and how they affect our behaviours and futures are the main themes of her work. The subject matter she covers and the way she covers them, so raw with emotions and also with unperfect characters, fills this gap in the fiction genre. Writing about unhappy women in an unhappy world, she dissects the way we feel, thinks and act. Provides a realistic path that -one way or another- we all know and eventually follow.


The miscommunications and misunderstanding, developing and losing relationships, friends is what happens to people when they are 20 some things trying to figure out who they are. And because Sally Rooney focuses on this matter, she is able to attract readers from this demographic. Especially people who are still in the process of pursuing their university education. I am excited to see what more to come sally Rooney. A writer with a great understanding of her audience that also possesses knowledge about current issues and media.

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