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You are reborn when you get remarried. Who knows how? Everyone is familiar with the adage that when individuals get older, they act like children.

Hinduism observes a ritual in Tamilnadu known as Sashtiapthapoorthi or Sashtipoorthi. When a guy successfully completes his sixty years, it is a cause for celebration. Sashti signifies "sixty" in Sanskrit, aptha "years," and Poorthi'sthe "complete" Tradition in Tamilnadu holds that a man should live for 120 years. The Tamil calendar has 60 years, hence according to Tamil tradition, a man's first 60 years are considered to be the first cycle. Because the Tamil calendar begins at one, the male is born anew following the conclusion of the first cycle. Additionally, it is thought that the first cycle represents the materialistic life while the second represents the spiritual path.

The only custom that separates parents from their kids is sashtipoorthi. In order to show their love and appreciation for their parents on this day, the man's son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren will all gather together. Sashtipoorthi is observed during the man's birth month and on the day that his Nakshatram (star) rises. There is no consideration of birthdate. This is applicable to both men and women, however, most customs focus primarily on celebrating a man turning 60. By doing Sashtipoorthi, a person can rid themselves of all sins, negativity, issues, and wrongdoings and be guided toward remedies, prosperity, success, and blessings.


Marriage is the most significant ceremony in this culture. The pair will remarry in the same manner as their first union many years ago. The elderly perform Archana, friends, and relatives are welcomed to Sashtipoorthi, and the young receive blessings from the couple on a memorable day as they too will live successfully for 60 years. The marriage ceremony will be the same as in a traditional marriage, however, there are two key differences: One is that it is impossible for their own children to be present for the actual marriage. The bride would already be wearing a Mangalsutra, which would be replaced with a new one during Shashtipoorthi.


In Tamilnadu, a mythological belief is still practiced. A temple may be found 0.5 kilometres (miles) southwest of the Tamilnadu village of Thirukadaiyur. A human being named Markendeyar worshipped Lord Shiva in that temple in an effort to avoid dying. Because of his intense dedication, he won the favor of Lord Shiva, who granted him the benefit of eternal youth, preventing him from dying and making him an immortal. People who celebrate Sashtipoorthi will undoubtedly visit this temple in order to be as alive as Markandeyar because it is named after the legendary Sri Markandeyar Temple. As the Sashtipoorthi is being done on the birth star of the male, it can be performed in residences, halls, and the Sri Markandeyar temple. People who follow this custom experience happiness, longevity, blessings from the elderly, blessings for the young, and family unity.

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