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Satisfaction | Life | 06th December 2022 | Virtual Wire



Behaviour is something that reflects your personality and personality is a trait you carry by birth, a psychopath is someone whose ego is satisfied by overlapping his superego, the action that gives pleasure the human has a tendency to satisfy his desire by his own mean of action.

What if those actions turn into criminal activity, what if the pleasure becomes fear for others, what if the manifestation becomes reality, the large of getting satisfaction, how criminal mind work based on the trauma and functioning of their brain, a psychopath has a genetic history of any mental disorder which later embraced the feeling of getting into criminal activity, a man who’s aggression lead to uncontrollable behaviour can be seen as a threat to society, a child has an aggression problem and doesn’t have patience for completion of works this child grow as a does an aggressive person has a normal life and sometimes shows behaviour that is unusual but as ignored by the family soon he started his family and got married, he loved his wife but has a dominant and controlling behaviour which he enjoys and gets the pleasure to at starting.


He use domestic violence and these little actions lead to an accident scene where his wife was beaten so badly that she needs medical access after a month after the family alliance they came together and a few days later he killed his wife and ran away after that day 4 years later a psychopath criminal was found lashed he was the same person who killed his wife and 6 other women later at the interview he said he get pleasure and satisfaction while performing this activity a drug can not only addict people but a blood handed weapon can too, people actions can lead to something which not only hurt others but affect the functioning of the person at the same time, a scoop of your favourite ice cream can give you pleasure or a drag of cigarette but for some red hands give pleasure, action are not determined but are mould by your personality hence the action should be notified soon enough and guided towards a right dimension.

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