Screen Addiction and Social Media!

Addiction | Social Media | 04th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

Technology is reaching new heights every day. The demands of modern humankind are so divergent that a single solution is in no way in the near future. Thus this puts the teens of today, into a situation where they need to learn a multitude of subjects and make the right decision from them.

By the word decision, I refer to the career that a teen chooses to pursue. This leads to the inevitable usage of digital and cyberspace which in other words can be termed ‘Mobiles and laptops’. Just because everyone is doing something doesn’t prove the action to be plausible or a healthy action.

Screen Addiction:

The most important aspect that has to be taken into consideration when it comes to screen addiction is desperation and isolation. The teens nowadays easily get isolated or feel depressed and want to stay alone all the time. This leaves them with very few things to do such as reading a good book, spending time developing a physical skill or spending time on the internet.

The first two of them come under the positive paradigms and the last one can be either a positive one or a negative one. This depends on what the teen sees on the screens. There are myriad options to choose from when it comes to diverting our conscious potential from doing non-productive actions.


Nothing can bring a change into human lives unless the person learns it. The right learning comes from the right education. Educating the teens with the right content helps in reducing not only the excessive screen addiction but it can also help them get out of many other non-useful habit loops.

The very important thing to learn here would be the concept of the Johari window. This is a psychological approach to the categorization of human consciousness. Under this concept, human behaviour can be categorized into four spectrums. They are

• Known area

• Unknown area

• Hidden area

• Uncertain area

The known area puts an emphasis on the part of ourselves that we would like to portray to the people whom we meet for the first time. This usually will be our place of living, job, achievements and other things that one would boast upon.