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God helps those who help themselves. The best kind of help comes from within the singular. It offers the superiority of moral and spiritual strength. It generates individuality-confidence which leads us to the way of accomplishment. Self-help has principle. It is the surest stride of success.

Self-help leads a man to work for himself without lean on others. It makes a man active and prompt. A self-help nation can develop in the forthcoming. As we are familiar beings, we have to depend a little on others. But we should not always idle away our life awaiting help from others. "Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself."

We should look back that when we trust others, we take the risk, because they may stop helping us at any time with or without any cautioning. Furthermore, others can help us once or over again. Most great men were self-made men who erect across their poverty and all sorts of crises that appeared in course of their life, Japan is the best example of self-help. It has become a world potential even after the assassination of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Self-help is the finest comfort. If we glimpse at the developed nations, they have previously granted the best or most ideal part of self-help. Its importance in individuals and social life cannot be avoided. Any teamwork may fail if we do not perform our own shares perfectly. Self-reliance may be the only reasonable path to clarify the problem of unemployment.

"We must remember that an ounce of work is heavier than that of a ton of talks." It is the root of being independent and self-reliant. Self-help is not a infer gift, it can be formed and complete by making frantic attempts and perseverance. The word ‘personality ‘is a broad phrase. Thus, personality development is not an overnight effort.

It should be imparted from early babyhood It requires lots of time and effort to groom and shape personality. However, personality development is the outcome of so many factors which include willpower, confidence, concentration, memory, and smile, humour, to name a few. Will-power is one of the key factors necessary to develop a personality.

It is a phenomenon that lies in the human mind. It needs to be groomed, shaped, and oppressed. Concentration, meditation, and belief can be of great benefit in this regard. All the great men of the world who rose to the peak of success were men of strong will. Thus, they believe and aroma success at the edge of the day.

Strong will leads to the development of self-confidence. Self-confidence is very important to succeed in life. A person who has confidence in his work will not give up in the face of difficulties. He will battle courageously until he succeeds in getting his object attained. Defeat and hardships don’t discourage a confident person.

It is his confidence that promotes him to try again and again. Concentration is an important ingredient of personality development. Good habits and memory vitalize the efficiency of the mind. They help in acquiring the power of concentration and leads to success and it gives the power of concentration even to the weakest creature.

Memory has close relation with concentration. The memory comprises—retention, recollection, and recognition. Keen memory helps to retain and recall various facts, figures and other things whenever required. Humour adds colour to personality. It lends charm even to dull and dreary subjects of life.

A hearty laugh wipes out misery and gloom and kindles a spirit to struggle and fight against the adverse situation. A humorous person carries himself above all scares and trouble. He spreads encouragement around him and becomes beloved among his sphere.

Personality development is for two purposes: one is to achieve success in material and spiritual life. For both purposes, it requires to have balanced and developed faculties like willpower, confidence, courage, good discrimination, intelligence, and many.

Power, fame, and money or all set of components of material life. Man can use them for the betterment of society. Simplicity, knowledge, and happiness or all other sets of components of spiritual life. The word personality comes from the Latin word that means the ‘mask’. Hence, personality means the essence of the character and behaviour of an individual.

It has two important dimensions: one is internal and the other is external. Internal personality means the aspect of character and behaviour of myself with the internal world

and the external personality means the aspect of character and behaviour of oneself with the external world. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”-George Bernard Shaw.

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