SEO copywriting: 6 tips to optimize your web!

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If you have a website and you don't know how to stand out, this is the article for you. Getting attention in the digital world is quite a job.

This is due to the amount of information that is available online. For problems like these, solutions such as SEO copywriting arise. What is it? It is the action of writing planned content to achieve optimization in the network which gives a better positioning. Through different metrics and computer decisions, it is the search engine that decides which content to prioritize concerning another when we talk about organic content. That is non-paid content.

Tips to keep in mind when writing SEO


  1. Determine your audience and the objectives and what you intend to achieve through SEO writing. You should consider other communication actions that you should consider.

  2. Perform an analysis of your organic competition. Look at your competence, look for keywords in the search engine and all the data you can use to differentiate yourself and to optimize your SEO writing from the rest.

  3. Determine the relevant content for your website and try to think about how users think about it when searching for it on the internet.

  4. Build communication coherence and a plan. SEO copywriting will surely be a part of the puzzle of communication actions that you will have to carry out. It raises all the actions based on the same objective so that all of them optimize the results.

  5. Create a content structure to organize point 4. Plan each content from the optimization of the writing. Take into account aspects such as the title, the first paragraphs, keywords, longtails, internal and external links. If you use photographs, try to make them of good quality but not too heavy, since if they take time to load or if your page, in general, takes time to load, Google will not place it in a good place.

  6. Put it into practice and provide feedback. That is, see what you can correct, improve or eliminate. Following these steps, you should achieve optimization.

Time to write!

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