Seoul Vibe: An Incredible Ensemble of Unique Actors!

Seoul Vibe | Incredible Ensemble | Unique Actors | 18th October 2022 | Virtual Wire



Directed by Moon Hyun Sung, Netflix's new Korean film Seoul Vibe certainly has that unique 'vibe' about it.

Set in 1980s Seoul, the movie is fun to watch with its great mix of action and comedy. The amazing soundtrack just adds to the adrenaline rush. What makes Seoul Vibe stand out, even more, is the ensemble cast including Yoo Ah In, Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Kyu Hyung, Mino, Park Ju Hyun, Moon So Ri, Ong Seong Wu and many other talented actors. The cast of Seoul Vibe portrays a stunning synergy and chemistry and it is nothing short of noteworthy. Yoo Ah In who plays the character of Park Dong Wook, offers a stellar performance in the movie being the confident leader of the Sangedong Supreme team of baby drivers who set out on a mission to uncover corrupt practices in the economy. Best known for his works Burning, Alive and Hellbound, Yoo Ah In has been progressively taking on more distinct and challenging roles that highlight his incredible versatility as a top-level actor. His character in Seoul Vibe was perfectly portrayed to depict the rapidly developing vibes of Seoul in the 1980s, as well as the hip-hop culture and fashion of the time.


Go Kyung Pyo as usual doesn't fail to impress through his excellent depiction of Woo Sam, the DJ of the Sangedong Supreme Team. His wit, musicality and fashion sense in Seoul Vibes are hellbent on charming the audience. Taxi driver Bok Nam in the movie, serves as the navigator and local expert who can go around blindly without a problem in crowded Seoul. Lee Kyu Hyung couldn't have portrayed the character any better because he absolutely slays it. Yet another character that deserves attention is of Dong Wook's younger sister Yoon Hee, played by Park Ju Hyun. She ensures a solid presence in the movie with her performance as a strong and relentless woman. Another one of the major highlights of the movie is possibly news of great excitement for K-pop fans all over the world.


Seoul Vibe brags about the silver screen debut of Mino who is a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and a member of the K-pop group Winner. Galati, the character played by Mino, is as interesting as his name and can be described as the mood maker. He adds quite an entertainment element to the movie. For a debut act, Mino's performance as Galchi in Seoul Vibe is definitely one to be noted. Former Wanna One member, Ong Seong Wu too can be seen making a strong movie debut with this movie. Taking on the role of the 'maknae' and prodigy mechanic in the group, Seong Wu explores a more eccentric role in Seoul Vibe. On an overall note, Seoul Vibe is a perfect combination of action, comedy, thrill, drama, and adventure. It would be a great choice if it's your first time watching a Korean movie. For the more familiar crowd, this movie might be the perfect weekend indulgence with your friends.

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