Serpentine Wisdom: Why Humans Should Emulate the wisdom of the Serpent!

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According to ancient Greek mythology, we owe a great deal of our wisdom to the serpent. The most famous tale involves the Greek hero Heracles, who fought and defeated the Hydra, a monstrous water-dwelling beast with multiple heads.

To defeat the creature, he had to cut off one of its heads each time it grew back two more in its place; this was a time-consuming process that caused Heracles much grief and pain. In Western culture, serpents are often seen as treacherous and evil creatures, due to the famous biblical story of Adam and Eve eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge, which was guarded by a serpent. However, in many other cultures around the world, serpents are seen as wise creatures that hold valuable information and are worthy of our respect and emulation. Here’s why you should think twice before considering snakes to be your enemies.

Snake Venom


According to traditional cultures, snake venom has been a valued resource for thousands of years. Long ago in China, India, and Central America indigenous people would pay other tribes with live serpents in exchange for goods and services.

Snake fangs


Venom is made up to be just as deadly to animals and prey as it is to humans. It's frighteningly effective at paralyzing nerve cells. Furthermore, snake fangs have evolved over millennia to puncture efficiently with a single bite while inflicting maximum pain, to immobilize prey with neurotoxins before they can get away.

Venom delivery


Venom is an evolutionary adaptation used by many types of animals as a means to defend themselves against threats. This strategy includes injecting a toxin or venom into prey or predators, with some species secreting poison in their saliva and others biting or stinging. Among venomous snakes, two of the most widespread toxicities are neurotoxic and hemotoxic, both of which can impair neural activity and therefore lead to death.

The Future Of Medicine


It is now a near certainty that Artificial Intelligence will transform healthcare. Medicine, just like other sectors of the economy, will experience a revolution in automation powered by Artificial Intelligence that could save it as much as $300 billion each year and improve outcomes at the same time. It's time to start preparing for this transition.



What We Can Learn From Snakes Today?

Snakes are some of the wisest creatures on earth. They know when to enter a fight and when to flee from one. They know how to approach dangerous prey and work with it rather than against it. Plus, they're elegant yet deadly—just like women! As we return to the age-old symbols that represent who we are as a culture, let's not forget some old friends like snakes. We can learn a lot from these beautiful creatures, so let's stop fearing them.

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