Set Me Free!

Free | 18th January 2022 | Virtual Wire



Knock! Knock! Is there anyone around? Yes, what happened my dear buddy?

Please open the cage, i want to roam around, meet my friends and family members and feel alive once again. Sorry, but that’s not possible. But i feel chocked over here, please set me free. Well, its not just about you buddy but none of the members from your kingdom are set free to roam about.

But i want to explore and adapt the world like you. But you are my dearest one and i don’t wanna lose or set you free. Like the way you talk to me, i want to talk to the members of my clan but you never allow me to do so. Buddy, i am here to listen to every chirp of yours and even share the slightest detail about my day.

You call me your buddy but you can’t even set me free? I don’t want you to get hurt or harm yourself. I want to take care of yours in the best way possible. Well, if you won’t set me free, how will i learn what is right and wrong for me? How will i breathe behind the bars? I want to fly freely and explore the world with my own vision. I understand that buddy, but……


Okay, so now imagine yourself in my place. So, would you like if you are behind the bars kept at one corner of the porch. You can just see through it, but you are not allowed to go anywhere but you just remain behind the bars all day long. You will feel suffocated, low and you will eventually start hating me.

Buddy i got your point, that its difficult for anyone to survive by just being at one place. I realize that you should be set free. You don’t deserve to be caged but i believe we humans need to be caged because we have hurt you and your family members a lot. But before i set you free can i ask you for something?

Yes sure, because you called me your buddy so you can ask me for anything. Please will you visit with me everyday and talk with me? Yes, if you don’t cage me again. I promise i won’t set you behind the bars ever again. I promise to visit you everyday then.


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