Seven Tasty Foods that Cause the Signs of Aging!

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Everyone today is concerned about their looks, and aging is a significant problem people face.

We use lots of cosmetics products and other remedies to stop or even slow down the process of ageing. In some cases, the signs of ageing start to appear despite being younger. But do you know the food that you are eating may speed up the signs of ageing? Certain foods can cause ageing. Here are some foods that cause the signs of ageing. And you should be aware of these groups of food if you want to stop the signs of ageing.

Spicy Foods

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Spicy food is no doubt tasty and is a favourite of most people. But most people cannot tolerate the heat of spicy foods. IT can dilate the blood vessels and promote a reddish look like spider veins. The spicy foods can cause a flare-up if you are having Rosace that is common in Menopausal women. The puffiness and spider veins can give you an aged look.

Fried Potatoes

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Fried foods contain trans fats, which cause inflammation. The inflammation in the skin promotes ageing. Potatoes, when fried up, break down into sugars inside the body. It is better to eat baked potatoes instead of fried ones.


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Although you are an adult, a teenager, or a child, Sugary foods like cakes and creamy pies are loved by everyone, irrespective of the age group. These are so mouth-watering that we could hardly resist them. These sugary foods come with significant drawbacks and can give a massive setback to your skin. These foods can affect the collagen in your skin and reduce elasticity. This reduced elasticity can cause wrinkles and saggy skin, which gives an aged look and can lead to less confidence in yourself.



If you drink wine, then you need to be conscious about the amount of consumption. A single glass of wine does not affect your body. A well-functioning liver can remove toxins from your body and does not cause any harm to your body. But a continuous consumption of wine can build up toxins in your body and makes it difficult for the body to get rid of these toxins.

The toxins caused due to alcohol consumption are not broken down properly. In addition, it causes dehydration which directly affects your skin. The toxins inside your body promote acne, sallowness, loss of collagen, loss of elasticity, redness, and puffiness.

Charred meat

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Barbecue parties in the backyard are common on weekends and other occasions. But this charred meat may cause ageing. The black charr on the meat can cause inflammation, as it contains hydrocarbons. You don’t need to give up on your barbecue parties; instead, you can enjoy the barbecue by just scraping off the black char on the meat.

Processed meat

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Processed meat like sausages, deli, and bacon is ubiquitous in our routine diet. These foods are loaded with salts and preservatives. These additive things cause inflammation and reduce collagen in the skin. This promotes saggy skin and a reduced amount of Vitamin C, which eventually leads to apparent signs of ageing.



Caffeine present mostly in coffee and other beverages causes extreme dehydration. As it is diuretic in nature, it signals the brain and causes frequent urination. The dehydrated skin causes dryness and dullness. This speeds up the ageing process of the skin.

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