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Shoe | Bite | 22nd December 2021 | Virtual Wire



You brought your favorite pair of shoes but ouch!! Here comes the show bite . Its an undeniable fact that you can’t wear shoes without getting shoe bite.

These shoe bites are totally mood off right. So for that there are various ways through which one can prevent show bite. But first let’s take a look to what actually is a shoe bite. Shoe bite is a painful area on your foot that’s the result of friction from rubbing against your shoe. The most famous of all is wearing socks ( made of heavy clothing material). The more the clothe will be the less the contact will occur between the shoe and the skin.

Second, you can use bandages to cover up the portion of the skin that’s contact with the shoe from behind. Using a bandage is the safest option and can be used for any types of shoes ( formal and informal both). Bandage are also the cheapest options to look as one -two bandages won’t cost more than 20 Rupees. Use the bandage and through them. With the advancement in technology the fashion industry has also came up with best and stylish ways to carry our shoes.


They have designed cushions or pads specially for the shoes so that you can wear shoes all day long without getting hurt. They will cost between 300-500 INR . But they are worth buying. So get your pair of cushions now . You can easily get them on any shopping websites and nowadays these pads are also available in local markets and stores. A cheap and easy to go solutions is that you can apply paper tape to the Areas where you feel that you might get shoe bite. This is the easiest and cheapest way to ensure you safety. As a paper tape cost not more than 10 rupees.

And the fifth from my side is that if its possible than try to wear big size shoes. If its comfortable and looks good then you can give a shot to this as well. Some more tricks to take in consideration are Stretch the shoes for which you can use a wooden or plastic shoe shaper overnight to gently stretch the problem shoes. You can find shoe shapers online. Try using Oil on them Massage oil, such mink oil, coconut oil, or olive oil, into the edges of leather shoes that are hurting your feet. After a few days, the shoes should be softer and less abrasive.


If you’re concerned about the effects of certain oils on the color or durability of the shoe, consider using a leather conditioner instead of oil. Mold them- This method works well for strappy sandals. Put on your sandals and dunk your feet into a bucket of water. Towel them off — but leave them damp — and then walk around in them for a couple of hours. Before you fully dunk the sandals, you might want to test a small area with water first. Hope you find the best possible way to wear your favorites shoes without getting a shoe bite.

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