Sides Of an Introvert!

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Have you asked questions like; Why does my introverted child act like this at this stage of his/her life? OR I don't seem to understand my introverted child, Why does he/she act this way?

Here are 2 reasons you may have ignored. It should come as no surprise that introverts dislike small talk. It almost seems as though our deep-diving minds weren't designed for it. We become inspired by experimenting with ideas, reading the news, expanding our knowledge, and forming genuine connections. Nothing of the sort happens while you converse informally.

Two Sides Of An Introvert


Pre-Experienced Introverts


For an introvert, experience is a crucial part of the growth curve. Even if they are cautious, they can learn from others more quickly. You might see this in children who are the last child or the first child in the family, especially if there is a large difference between them and their siblings.

Why the first kids?


In their separate families, 7 out of 10 firstborn children are introverted. This is because most of them learn from their parents from a distance. In a classic scenario, they would rather learn slowly from their peers. At this stage, they are still trying to master their environment, and the people around them, judging meticulously and calculating their every step. They are usually between the ages of 5-17 years of age. They spend their childhood and teenagehood setting up for adulthood.

Experienced Introverts


This side of an introvert finds expression usually in adulthood. If not properly managed they may make the mistakes they tried to avoid in their earlier days. But if they get things right they set a course for their future in a space where the error is limited. Experienced Introverts favor deep, lasting connections characterized by a considerable deal of closeness and intimacy rather than having a vast social circle of people they only know superficially. According to research, those who score highly on this feature have fewer friends overall.

One of the introverts' many positive traits is their propensity for building meaningful connections with people closest to them. Additionally, they favor interacting with individuals on a closer basis. People might have a hard time getting to know them because they are frequently characterized as quiet, reserved, and mellow, and are occasionally confused with shy people. They are indeed shy, but others should not be misled by an introvert's reserve for shyness. People with this personality type frequently just prefer to use their words wisely and avoid wasting time or energy on pointless small talk. You most likely identify as an introvert if you are a reserved and quiet person.

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