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Besides the exam days, only one particular week has the superpower to weaken all the singles out there including me; Comes in the month of February and completely disrupts the joy of singlehood. I guess, by now, the answer would have clicked your mind and simultaneously, pierced your heart from the middle.

Yeah! It’s Valentine’s Week and unfortunately, it’s around the corner. I feel you must have experienced that exploding lava of jealousy at some point, noticing couples during Valentine’s week, cosy and that extravagant shopping to buy lovely stuff for their special one; And a special mention to the Gen-Z who always feel a desperate urge to get into a relationship nowadays. Even if you are kind of one-woman/one-man; (like me), you aren’t any exception for this.

Now adding fuel to the fire comes to your own conscience; reminding you in a mocking manner about your relationship status and in the end, all you can possibly do is have an affair with your imaginary crush/ex. No one is there to question your thoughts and your every desire with her/him comes into reality metaphorically. Sounds funny but the truth is truth😉. When talking about relationships, how can we leave behind the college phase of our lives? Giving my thoughts on this as currently, I’m in college. I bet you must have heard people quoting this cliché statement ‘Bas college main ghus Jaa, GF/BF pakka bn jaaegi/jaaega’ (In English: Just make your way into a college, then you will definitely get a suitable boy/girl). Who knew it wasn’t /isn’t always the case?


Sadly, there isn’t any society in colleges that would perform matchmaking but who knows, Haha. Forget about college, singles are all around us, from every age group. Normalize it. Many had relations in past, maybe just dating anyone presently but the point to observe here is that there isn’t such fixed age to be in love. It can be as early as 13 and can be as far as 40. Is it good to suppress those feelings by just thinking of what the world says? Well, I don’t personally. One of my close acquaintances didn’t fall in love until he was 32. He never felt it was too late, unlike what most of us believe, his love was pure, raw and that feeling was likewise from his special one too.

That ray of hope….


Cheer up, guys! At this point, I think you would have believed that you’re not the only one single at that end. So, what’s the problem if you are single now, the future can be better than envisaged. That tiny ray of hope should always be there in your heart. Hope is what has bought humanity so far and without love, I don’t know any humanity. Listening to your favourite song while sharing single earphones, carefree long walks on streets would bring unparalleled joy for you when you’ll be with the right one. And who needs such a week to showcase their love for someone with gifts and all that stuff. Every day with her/him is a Valentine itself, my dear. Seriously mark my words, when the time comes, you would forget all the thoughts that you have at the moment. And the love prevails.

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