Social Media: An observational study!

Social Media | Study | 10th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

Social media are the (Telegrams, Letters, newspapers, TV etc.) of this generation, with the evolution of the internet the social media platforms flourished Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and many more platforms became essential to 97% of the youth all around the world.

These platforms have given the world population unlimited opportunities and freedom, now as we have observed anything can go viral at any moment, it can be a brave speech, an intense emotional moment, a cat’s video clip or a dance.

The Positive Effects

All of us noticed how positive social media affected us, and the biggest pieces of evidence are the BLACK LIVES MATTER and The Palestinian bombing because if it wasn’t for social media, it wouldn’t have ended that way, that there have been hundreds of thousands of charity events that got pushed through social media.

Without forgetting the fact that due to social media now people are more educated about other cultures, another positive effect is the power of broadcasting news to people from too many different points of view.

The Negative Effects

Since we have already mentioned the positive effects, it is time to mention the unwanted facts about our subject.

We have all read or seen the news about people who committed crimes or suicides due to social media, but in this section, we won’t talk about rare effects, that can be counted, we will be talking about 1 single real effect, the psychological effect of social media.

We all share the best memories and moments of our lives, none of us shares the dark or sad moments, now the problem is that our subconscious doesn’t apply the fact that social media.

When it comes to personal lives are fake, our subconscious mind sees people and compares us to them the same way we compare ourselves to people around us, it may not have that much negative affection on people that are over but for the people under that age, it is a whole new equation.

A personal piece of advice

Personally, I had an issue with using social media, I was using them a lot and I was always feeling that I lack something, I lack money, I lack success, I lack love, I lack love, I lack good looking…etc.

The thing that helped me go over all of that is shutting down social media and using it only one hour a day and instead of using it I started doing other activities such as reading and now I only use social media to chat, I feel much better with myself and I think it will help you too.

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