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The pictures, videos and issues raised on social media platforms might not be in tune with our upbringing according to some people but it is all about perspective.

We all grew up in a society where we are hesitant to talk about certain issues that might be inappropriate for a certain audience. According to my, we can’t skip on talking about issues like rape, substance use, suicide, LGBTQ just because it isn’t what we have been taught. I would like to challenge this statement as, it is really important for both us individually as well as our society to move ahead, liberalise and become more tolerant. For example, there is a show called Delhi crime which is based on the Nirbhaya case it goes in-depth about the rape case and the consequences and effects it had on the victim’s family.

There were some scenes that were not suitable for the younger audience, but still, the show did well because the issue raised was of significance. The show even faced some legal trouble when one of the policemen on whom the character was based claimed that they portrayed him negatively and showed him lazy and irresponsible. I think that our mindset and upbringing have made people overtly sensitive towards issues of importance, especially political and religious beliefs.

Another thing to be noted is that every Netflix series or movie that has violent scenes, sex and substance or drug use, they have a disclaimer in the beginning, that they don’t intend to offend or hurt anyone’s sentiments. Shows that are not meant for the younger audience are marked as rated for audiences above 16 or 18. Sacred games which were the first Indian original web series and did extremely well, still ended up hurting people’s sentiments as it had a few semi-nude scenes, violence and politics. Sometimes, violent and nudity scenes are shown to amplify the impact of the series instead of just getting higher ratings. Even on social media apps like Instagram, they have trigger warnings and disclaimers if the content is not suitable for a certain kind of audience.

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Social media has provided all of us with a platform to express our views and bring awareness to issues that people often evade. Like, it has given the people of the LGBTQ community a place to express themselves talk about the problems they have faced and struggles they have been through. People usually avoid talking about these issues as they feel awkward or uncomfortable. There are still so many people that do not accept the LGBTQ community. They still cling to their old mindset and that is why it is important for our society to move forward and be more acceptable. Recently people celebrated pride month on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and twitter, people, posted photos and videos in favour of the LGBTQ community. Social media gave them the freedom to talk and express themselves.


In recent times there have been so many web series that have brought into light subjects that were previously avoided. For example, there is a show called 13 reasons why which is based on suicide. There were scenes of substance use and even a graphic suicide sequence but it brought awareness towards mental health and bullying. Digital culture requires change, it might sound cliché, but we need to keep up with the changing cultural trends. Social media and OTT platforms have given people a place to express themselves and talk about all kinds of subjects that have been steered clear of. OTT platforms have also given writers and directors more freedom to express themselves and portray their work more freely. We all need to move ahead and accept that times are changing and so should our culture and our mindsets. We can’t always keep avoiding issues and censoring movies.

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