Who is an Influencer?
An Influencer is a person who has the ability and power to influence other people and their choices. Social media give rise to all these social media influencers and their followers and major apps which gave fame and rise to this influencer culture are Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook .and from past few years this social media influencer culture is raising and it is not stopping any time soon.

As more and more people are joining social media apps and because of that, this business is booming day by day, and people of every age, primarily teenagers are part of it. These young people are posting their content on different social media platforms and getting fame and money.


The influencer culture has both boon and bane :

  • Social media influencers give good reach to the brand

  • Young and dynamic

  • Social media influencers are creative because they know the latest trends

  • Easily approachable

  • Work with proper dedication

But sometimes it can create problems

  • They can be demanding

  • Some lack professionalism

  • Flex culture

  • Pressure

  • Controversies

How fascinating the world of social media seems it is harming for both the creator and consumer, the influencers have a pressure on them to look perfect all the time and it is creating an illusion among their followers about how perfect their beloved influencers are. and they start comparison which leads to issues like body image, mental health, and jealousy.

There are a lot of social media influencers who look different in social media and in real life because all these filters available online creates a lot of misunderstanding.

Yes, social media can have some drawbacks. It also gives fair chances to everyone to showcase their talents, and these days a lot of small businesses are coming on social media and it is giving them great success.

In the end, it depends upon a person how they want to use and perceive the information provided, one should always be aware of all things. and also social media influencers and creators need to be more open with their followers.

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