Society's Apathy Towards Environment!

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Do you know what is the biggest threat to our environment..?? "Our society's indifference towards environmental protection".It is a matter of shame for us because we know everything and understands it, yet we are still silently ignoring everything. Today's column will highlight people's apathy towards environmental protection.

We are living in an era that is being called the best era of human history. We are the people of the 21st century. Now we have all kinds of information available. We have made excellent progress in the fields of science and technology. Our way of living has changed, now we are more educated and aware than ever before. It is a big thing that we started by making our tools with stones and reached AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Now we are talking about life not only on Earth but also on Mars, it has become very minor for us.

This is all appreciated. But we did all these development only for ourselves, we became so blind in our selfishness that we left nothing to fulfil for other beings. To fulfil our interest, we have damaged the environment to such an extent that it is now going through a serious crisis. And this crisis in the environment is increasing rapidly day by day and it is also being ignored. Despite knowing and understanding everything, we are still ignoring it. We are still only seeing our selfishness.

We are still not giving up the habits that are harming our environment the most. Shall we still call ourselves educated and aware human beings…?? Humans have directly and indirectly damaged the environment. The list of factors that damage the environment is increasing day by day.

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Out of these, the list of the major issues are:

1). Climate change.

2). Deforestation.

3). Electronic waste pollution.

4). Overexploitation of natural resources.

5). Overpopulation.

6). Plastic pollution.

7). Water pollution.

8). Ocean acidification.

9). Loss of biodiversity.

10). Contamination of rivers and ponds.

I have only highlighted a few issues. We all know that this list is getting longer. Every habit of humans is creating danger for other organisms. We have only increased our supremacy on the Earth and it is constantly increasing. We have extinct many other species and many are on the verge of extinction. From the creatures living on the land to the creatures living in the sea and the birds flying in the sky, none of them has been left out. Every day animals are being ruthlessly killed for our food, beauty products, and other ingredients. Sometimes they are killed or imprisoned just for their hobbies. Each of our habits is becoming a curse for the environment.

Everything used in everyday life, even food and drinks, is now being sold only in plastic. Once all these plastics are used, they are being thrown in rivers and ponds. Such silly acts are polluting the rivers and ponds. Some animals eat these plastics of hunger, due to which

they die and we humans are responsible for all this. Electronic waste is also showing the dreaded state of the future. Excessive cultivation and the use of harmful chemicals to increase its yield are reducing soil quality. More irrigation is being done to grow the crop ahead of time, which is drying up the groundwater and causing drought in many places.

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Natural resources are being exploited. Innumerable trees are being cut down, forests are being destroyed, and non-renewable energy is being decimated. All these things are included in our daily living habits which are polluting our environment badly. These bad habits of ours are pushing our environment rapidly towards destruction day by day. We are still silent even after knowing everything, ignoring everything instead of doing something. These things were about our bad habits. Let's talk about the government's attitude, which talks a lot about environmental protection, but they have nothing to do with reality.

Let us talk about some of the latest issues of the country, from which you will know how indifferent the governments of the country are towards environmental protection. We all know about the Narmada River. It is the fifth-longest river in India. It is called the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh. But rapid construction of unplanned dams on the river, illegal mining in catchment areas, and deforestation are also increasing the risk of its survival being destroyed. A large amount of industrial waste is being dumped in it which is polluting the clean water of the river.

According to the IWMI ( The International Water Management Institute) report, its water has decreased due to increased dependence on the river. In 2018, for the first time in the last hundred years, the river dried up from many places. Till now only the Narmada River has been mentioned. The situation of the Yamuna river has become worse. Considered to be one of the holy rivers of India, it has become the fifth most polluted river in the world and Ganga is second. According to a report by DJB( Delhi Jal Board), the ammonium level in Narmada river water on December 25, 2020, was 12 ppm due to which the water treatment machines were damaged. The condition of all the rivers of the country has become almost similar.

The saddest thing is that the 4500 rivers of India have dried up in the last ten years. And we are well aware that if the situation doesn't change, then in the future these figures will increase further. If I started writing in detail on all the issues one by one then this column will fall short, but our story of stupidity and destruction will not end. I know that the same things are going on in the minds of all of you. "When the whole world has closed its eyes with its obligation towards the environment, then what will we be able to do alone…??"

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If you are thinking like this, then I would like to remind you of Rabindranath Tagore's poem " Ekla Chalo re." Today we need to bring these lines of this poem into our consciousness. We need to start ourselves. If we start to change our small habits from now on which are affecting our beloved environment, then this contribution will also not be reduced. Friends, whatever you contribute to the protection of the environment, it will be for our future generation only. We have taken a lot from this beautiful earth, but now is the time to save our earth from becoming lifeless.

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