Space Travel: Unravelling The Facts From The Myth!

Space Travel | Science | Facts | Myth | 03rd September 2022 | Virtual Wire



Humans have always been at the mercy of our curiosity, which has birthed so many inventions and discoveries.

You look up into the sky and wonder what more is up there, is our planet the only habitable planet? Are there other beings out there? These are questions that linger in the head of man, the advancement of technology has unveiled some of the answers to these questions and this article aims to differentiate facts from myth.

What is Space Exploration?


Space exploration is the ongoing exploration and discovery of outer space with the use of space technology and astronomy. Physical space exploration is conducted by human spaceflights and uncrewed space probes. Space travel differs in various ways compared to how it is portrayed in movies, it requires complex and precise calculations involving gravity and inertia to move from one point to another across the solar system. It takes a large amount of energy to overcome Earth’s gravitational force and it cannot fully be overcome but as the distance between you and the centre of the Earth increases to a significant amount, you are able to experience low gravitational pull.

With the invention of the telescope, studying space became possible and the invention of space rockets brought about physical space exploration. Extending our reach into space, exploring and travelling all aim to satisfy the human urge, space exploration is necessary for the advancement of science and technology. Even though space travel seems intriguing, it is also very dangerous and has led to the death of some astronauts. The difficulties and dangers of space travel cannot be overemphasized but as technology advances, the hurdles of space travel becomes easier to overcome.

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