Stop Chasing People Who Don't Value You!

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Walking behind someone is like you're stuck in a circle and just going round and round in it.Have you ever fed food to a cat, not the one who is your pet, the one Who roams outside in the street?

When you try to give her something, she runs away from you, no matter how far you go after her, she will still run ahead of you and right here, If she appreciates your emotions, and you have something for her which she likes most then she will come back to you herself, and you don't have to chase her. Similarly, If you keep running after someone, but they don't admire you, then you are not valuing your emotions and, If they also want respect from you, they want love from you and love to spend time with you. So you will not need to go to him.

He will be with you himself. Something similar happens in a relationship too, you give them full time from your side, you give all your efforts in making the relationship better, But, they treat you according to their will, he ignores you and because of it, you start overthinking about the relationship and yourself. You call or text them non-stop. If they don't reply, then you feel disappointed or unworthy. You start depending on your mood on their mood whether they talk or not. You give control of your life to the hands of a person who doesn't want you.


STOP CHASING PEOPLE! If someone wants to be part of your life, they'll seriously make an effort to reach out to you. The moment when you realize you are chasing after someone who doesn't want to be yours. You recognize your limits and expand yourself more for people who are also willing to be generous with you. Remember, who keep running away from your presence, because even if you succeed in catching them, sooner or later they would run away. Stop chasing people who don't value you. Be the artist of your life. Don't give the paintbrush to anyone else. You have to find peace within yourself. Love yourself and keep exploring the world.


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