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One of the most beautiful aspects of travelling is to have the opportunity to enjoy different world cuisines in the countries you will go to. The best way to experience a new culture, get to know the locals better and make your trip even more memorable and enjoyable is to taste something from their local cuisine.

In these countries, we are always looking for the best restaurants with the best quality food. However, there are some foods that you may not even want to eat or taste. You can get familiar with each of them in this list, which includes some of the most unusual dishes in the world.

Cobra Roast

The village of Le Mat, 7 km from Hanoi, is famous for growing and preparing snakes. The Cobra roast is prepared right in front of the client: first, they take the snake out of the cage, pull it to make it angry and open its "hood". Then they kill and cut her right there. First of all, they squeeze the poison out of her teeth, then cut off her head, decant the blood (it is then mixed with alcohol and drank), and the heart is taken out. The bravest people eat the heart, it is believed that it gives a person strength and courage. The

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impressionable can simply taste the roast with a cobra.

Tuna Eyes

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The Japanese consume the bulk of the world's tuna catch in a year. In supermarkets, you can often see a whole section dedicated to tuna. There you can buy any part of the fish. The most exotic offer is tuna eyes. They are fried and served with rice and soy sauce.

Casu Marzu

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This sheep cheese is produced in Sardinia. It is famous for the fact that cheese fly larvae live in it. And the name translates as "rotten cheese". Casu marzu is a kind of Sardinian pecorino, only it is fermented longer, bringing it to the stage of decay. If you look closely at the delicacy, you can see that the cheese is teeming with worms. Daredevils who decide to try this cheese are advised to protect their eyes: the larvae can jump high.

Swallow's Nest Soup

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Swallow's nest soup is considered one of the most expensive Chinese dishes. Nests are eaten in Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Singapore, it is a valuable delicacy. This dish consists of fry, fish roe and other seafood. It is a delicious and powerful aphrodisiac. The food has a high price, because it is extremely dangerous to collect swallow nests, as they are located on sheer cliffs.



Balut is loved in many Asian countries. It is made from eggs in which the fetus has begun to develop. When the embryo already has a beak and feathers, the eggs are ready for making balut. It is noteworthy that only men eat balut - they believe that this will increase their potency and endurance. In this case, eggs can be used not only fried but also raw. It is one of the most terrible and unusual dishes in the world.

Bloody Pancakes

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This breakfast dish, called "blodplättar" in Swedish, is the pancakes we all know, but with animal blood. In Europe and especially in England, we come across a similar one with the name "black pudding". British people also consume sausage made from pork blood as part of their breakfast.

Hornet Cookie


A type of food that has just emerged compared to others. This concept, created by several Japanese wasp lovers, must have kept it! First, bees boiled in water are dried and added to the rice cookie mixture. It should also be noted that wasps contain much more protein than other insects and pests.

Mealworm Dessert

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Arnold van Hewis is one of the activists who have developed an entire book of insect recipes. He and other people from Wageningen University are confident that in this way they will be able to rid the growing population of the earth from hunger and malnutrition. An excellent goal in the implementation of which mealworms occupy one of the leading places, despite all the usefulness, desserts with the participation of these worms look awful out of habit.


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A-ping is one of the close relatives of the tarantula. The war in Vietnam forced crowds of refugees to seek refuge in neighbouring Cambodia, where the problem of food became especially acute - desperate Vietnamese had to eat everything. A-ping is a very pleasant and nutritious person. The new delicacy quickly gained popularity and is now valued in Cambodia along with black caviar. Human rights activists are seriously afraid that at such a rate gourmet can eat the entire population of this spider.


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This meal is a small seafood salad served in Korea. The main thing is that they are very fresh, even alive. The little octopuses on the plate wiggle and wriggle as you cut them, sprinkle them with sesame oil. By the way, while you eat this fresh sea salad, it can cause your death. From suffocation, for example, because the tentacles with suction cups do not want to be eaten. Fighting for life even after being cut off. You have to eat at your own risk.

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