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Having a good relationship with your customers goes a long way to affecting and defining your brand and business.

People become customers of brands they find their mode of operation pleasing. People have relationships with businesses they find their method of service satisfying. Excellent customer service build a strong relationship and satisfies your customers. Customer service is a skill that shows how we handle and serve our customers. Services are provided to customers before, during, and after purchase. How we perform these services must be excellently and exceptionally to please, satisfy and develop a bond of trust with our customers. This skill will make you acquire customers and also retain them as loyal followers. To serve your customers effectively, you need to develop excellent customer service strategies.

You have to first study the behaviour of customers to know the do's and don't when servicing them.

Who Do The Customers Want?


  • Someone who understands their issue and is empathetic.

  • Someone who takes responsibility.

  • Someone who communicates effectively.

  • Someone who is trustworthy.

What Customers Don't Want?


  • Someone who gets defensive.

  • Someone who can't help them with their problems.

  • Someone they cannot easily get in touch with or reach.

Having looked at customers' behaviour, below are the guidelines and strategies for excellently servicing your customers.

Excellent Customer Service Strategies


  • Create a First Positive Impression

The first impression lasts long. Your customers study and register in them what they see first. Create a positive impression by:

  1. Keeping your area clean.

  2. Dressing appropriately.

  3. Giving them a warm welcome.

  4. Have a professional atmosphere- be professional in all conduct. Show you are capable of meeting their need and you are not a quack.

  • Be interested in your customers: Take interest in their needs, complaints, and feedback. Have the desire to delight them. Ask them questions and listen to them to find out their needs. Take ownership of their challenges- treat their challenges as your own to show empathy. Also, have a thirst for improvement to be able to stay and act in tune with your customer's changing needs.

  • Positive last impression


  1. Find out if they are pleased with their experience.

  2. Appreciate their patronage.

  3. Invite them back.

  • Follow up: Check up on your satisfied customers, unsatisfied customers, and new and former customers on their experience with your service. Remind them you are still available for their service. Invite them back.

Guidelines For Handling Customer Complaints


  • Remain calm.

  • Allow them to release all their anger and irritation.

  • Ask questions, listen attentively and communicate effectively.

  • Mind your choice of words: Don't infuriate them. Don't say you don't know what can be done rather say, ' I will find out what can be done so I can serve you.

  • Show confidence and tangible that will make them know or see their complaints are being attended to.

All the above strategies are up to three Ps. They are the general approach to servicing your customers. Once you have them as your motive and drive, you are right on track. They are:

  1. Professionalism.

  2. Patience.

  3. People first.

As you serve your customers, have these strategies in mind, they help you serve better. You will be able to acquire and retain customers as regular patronage and loyal customers. Not only this, your company's value and brand will be strengthened.

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