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Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.

It is very common for young people to feel stressed out from time to time. Stress is a normal part of life and can even be beneficial in some situations. We cannot avoid stress, but we can learn to manage it. When people reach out for support, they frequently struggle with several challenges like, not wanting help from others, prejudice from others and insufficient resources that leave them emotionally and physically exhausted in their lives. According to the Institute of Research Advanced (IRA), stress means “Any external event or an internal drive which threaten to upset the organism equilibrium is stress”.

Stress in our body is a response to pressure. Many different situations or life events can cause stress. It has been documented in the present competitive age that younger generations are more stressed. Adolescence is a dangerous period of time where young people experience self-organization and role confusion. For them, stress mainly comes from academic exams, interpersonal relationship issues, financial and career exploration. In general, stress may cause psychological, physical, and behavioural problems. The events that provoke stress are called stressors, and they cover a whole range of situations —everything from outright physical danger to making a class presentation or taking a semester is worth your toughest subject.

Some of the main stressors among students are:


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The worry about academic performance can cause stress symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia or changes in your appetite and overall mood. According to Morehouse State University, youth have poor study habits and cram last-minute studying the night before exams. The fear of exams and workload create stress among students. The first cause of stress among university the student is a lot of assignments.


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All young people feel stress about money! Most young people do not have jobs, or the jobs that they do have do not pay as much as they would like for them to. They want to maintain the lifestyle and fulfil the demand of articles like mobile, bikes and cars etc. If they fail to fulfil the requirement then it creates stress.


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Relationships are another big aspect of stress. Everyone wants to have friends, whether they are close friends or just acquaintances. If a person finds that making friends is a bit harder than he/ she had expected, stress is present here as well.


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Job Stress is a chronic disease caused among the current youth that negatively affects an individual`s performance and/or overall well-being of his body and mind. The high competition, an inconsiderate work colleague, a lack of job security, there are many causes of job stress. The students have fear of not getting the job opportunity and competition in the market.

Some life events

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Some of the situations are also called happy occasions, such as you may feel required to be happy or excited about puberty, getting married or having a baby. But they can also be really frustrating because they can bring major changes or make unusual demands on you. This can be especially hard to cope with because you can feel like there is extra pressure on you to be optimistic.

Time Management

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A lack of time management also causes stress on youth, whether secondary or tertiary. Balancing academics, peer activities, and home life can be difficult.

Toss in a Part-Time job and the challenge increases.

Life conditions

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Problems such as poor living conditions, lack of security or homelessness, moving to a new house, problems with neighbours, housing loans also contribute to increasing the level of stress among young adults.

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