Succumbing To Culture!

Nigeria | Culture | 21st August 2021 | Virtual Wire

As kids, we were taught almost all throughout our primary and secondary school education that 'Culture is the way of life of people.

Now I look at this very definition of culture and I think to myself- Is that the best definition we could come up with given the power the Nigerian cultures have over Nigerians? The definition doesn't perfectly match our society.

In Nigeria, culture should be defined as ' the way of life you're made to walk in without giving room for personal thought' (just saying). They don't teach us early enough that in the Nigerian society, our culture is:

* 1. Set of rules set down before our birth that we are not supposed to question.

* 2. A way of life that seek to favour mostly the whims and caprices of the older generation.

* 3. A way of life that one fears to disregard to the detriment of his or her own sanity and peace of mind.

The truth is hidden from us until we bitterly experience it ourselves. The Nigerian culture gives the past too much credit and fails to look into a better transition of íts ideologies. It is quick to shun everything that is contradictory.

It has become a code of conduct that mustn't be broken, and when you try to search for its origin, you find that you cannot and that you are surrounded by people who don't understand the entirety of it but are too afraid to change it either, especially when they can see how unnecessary it is, and how dangerous it can be.

Several young people are under the pressure of trying to please their culture and be happy at the same time. It rarely works that way. You have to make a choice of either. The Nigerian culture acts as a lord in people's mindslife-enhancing. I'll suggest that when there are certain elements in a culture that's too hard to chew, one should utilise a better life- enhancing alternative.

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