Suicide- The End of Life!

Letter | Life | Suicide | 18th January 2022 | Virtual Wire



Have you ever felt like giving up everything or do you still feel like so but before you take that big step you should thank God because you are still alive and breathing? I won’t take much of your time. I am not a therapist or a psychologist but I know what it feels like to be in pain.

I probably don’t know who you are but I really appreciate that you are taking out time from your busy schedule and reading this. I assume that you are reading this because at a certain point in your life you have felt like giving up, or you still feel so. I wish I was present there to hear your heart out but it’s great that at least you are reading this.

I have come across a lot of people who planned to give up because of pity issues like a breakup, poor grades in exams, the loss of loved ones and so on the list is never-ending. I would not like to argue with you whether you should give up or not, but I assume that if you are feeling to do so then you must be feeling really bad. I feel that you are still not sure whether you have to end up your life or not. People feel so even in the deepest despair of darkness. It’s normal to think a lot before you commit suicide, but I am pretty sure that a part of you still wants to live and explore the world.



You are not crazy, or a leak, or a flawed person; if you feel like committing suicide. It just means that you have more pain than you can cope with right now. Let’s consider a small example if I keep on piling weights on your shoulder, eventually, a point would come when u will ultimately collapse. Willpower has nothing to do with how strong you are because a point comes when you become but you still try to cheer yourself up but in the end, you give up. Suicide is not the only option left if you feel like doing so go to an orphanage, an old age home or simply just play with a little kid. All the negativity would eventually flush out of your life.

There are many kinds of pain that a person goes through. It might be possible that pain is bearable for you but at the same time that pain might be unbearable for the other person but you should still find hope in life. Just for a moment, look at the physically disabled people who are inferior to us just by their physical appearances but they have strong willpower that allows them to win laurels in life. Let’s consider the example of SHEKAR NAIK I know many of you must not be familiar with this name but let me introduce him he became a T20 Blind Cricket World Champion and has 32 centuries in his name its because of his strong willpower and dedication.


Suicide is neither wrong nor it is justified. It’s not a defect of character, it’s morally neutral. It’s just that when pain exceeds the coping resources people commit this shit. In the end, I would just say two things: Find a way to reduce your pain. Find a way to increase your coping resources.


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